Throwback Thursday: November 2017

We at POME have been producing some truly impeccable content over the past three years, and this new feature, Throwback Thursday, is here to highlight some of the things our newer readers may have missed!



From November 2017:


Cryptid Style Guide

Even as recently as a few weeks ago, we had a beautiful and incredible fashion guide from our beautiful and incredible contributor, Alejandra! In case you missed it, Alejandra walks us through how to recreate some #iconic looks from all our fave cryptids.


Get the Look: Anne Bonny

And let me tell you: if you liked cryptid looks, chances are you’ll also like this Pirate Babe style guide from our wonderful (and newest) contributor, The Lady Antoinette Marchpane! A 19th century Baroness living in a tall tower in the middle of a modern city who communicates with the outside world through scribbled missives, the Lady Antoinette is here for ALL your  historical pirate fashion deep-cuts.



From November 2016:


Rose of Winter and the Female Gaze

Rose of Winter is a beautiful game about beautiful boys. Last November, our amazingly talented Boss Crone Rachel drew a comic review of the game, where she discussed the elusive, but oh-so-important, ~female gaze~.


So You’re Wondering Why All The Liberals Are Being So Fatalistic…

For a less-fun, but definitely also important turn, I think we all remember how stressful it was to be a human being existing on Earth last November. These words from our insightful and compassionate Head-Crone-In-Charge, CC, continue to feel relevant as the world we know descends further and further into literal hell.



From November 2015:


POMEsgiving Dessert: Sugar Cookies

Harken back with me now to a November even farther removed from the 2017 hellscape we are all currently living — a time when the world was full of Channing Tatum movies that prioritized the female audience, and also POME made a cookbook! These sugar cookies, from one of our dear contributors, Kachi, are literally the best sugar cookies you will ever eat in your life.

Also, if you want this recipe and more to be easily accessible on a shelf in your home, stop by the POME shop and pick up a copy for yourself! (also makes a great holiday gift).



We certainly hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane with us. Be sure to join us next month when we take a look back at whatever we were doing last December!


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