Throwback Thursday: September 2018

Welcome to our penultimate Throwback Thursday! Join us for an especially sentimental look back at Septembers from POMEmag’s past, from our very first piece of #cronetent in 2014 through the present.

September is a big month for POMEmag, historically speaking. After a month of planning, we posted our very first article in late September 2014. We also launched Group Chat nearly three years to the day later. We’ve made some pretty cool stuff over the last f̶o̶u̶r omg FIVE years (isn’t that basically the reason this series exists??), but today’s Throwback Thursday includes some especially memorable stops on our walk down memory lane.

While this isn’t necessarily the LAST POMEmag #tbt post, it is both the second to last one AND the first time we’ve had content from all the years we’ve been around. SO, with that in mind, here’s some Mood Music to accompany this post:



Ready to get started? Here’s some #nostalgic #cronetent from FIVE!!! years of POME.





Did you know that Jenny is an actual omniscient oracle who knows all and sees all (especially mythology)? Learn about mythology, and also Get Some #Looks from our Aesthetic Coordinator, Lady Antoinette Marchpane

Get the Look: Father Frost


Boys! Friends! Roadtrips! Truly we did not deserve the Sweet Boy Friendships that Magic Mike XXL gifted us with in 2015, but Ale is here to remind us of the lessons aforementioned sweet boys tried to teach us along the way. Male entertainers, tell us how to live.

Lessons from the Road (and Magic Mike XXL)


Look, we know that the whole POME coven can be a little Thirsty For Books. Earlier this month, we continued this tradition in the form of a new series: Literary Hot or Not. Get that Will Ladislaw tinder bio right this way:

Literary Hot or Not: Middlemarch Edition



Can you believe it’s been a whole year since we introduced Group Chat to the world??? Can you believe you can totally buy it right now over in our store??? What a time to be alive.

Introducing GROUP CHAT


While most of us can barely remember a time before the whole world knew what a huge ass creep Joss Whedon is (shoutout to the terrible way time seems to move here in 2018), CC is here to take you back to an only very slightly more innocent time, when people were somewhat surprised about Creep Joss Whedon and didn’t really know why it was so wrong for him to feel entitled to sex from the hot young actresses he Very Feministingly cast in his TV shows.


Stop Me If This Starts To Sound Familiar


Alicia has written so many amazing things for us over the years, but her description of the rabbit’s foot she unearthed while deep cleaning her bedroom will haunt us until the end of days (in the best possible way).

The Purge: 13 Questionable Things I Found During a “Deep Clean” of My Bedroom


Welcome 2 books; this birb will be your host (thanks to Rachel, who reads every book you should read first and whose reading recs you should definitely take to heart). 

Clamour Book Reviews



Did you think you could just put on waterproof eyeliner and not just wind up looking like a hot ghost regardless of how much you scrub your face? CC and Rachel sorta have the answer to all your removing-difficult-eyeliner problems (jk) (you’re cursed now) (sorry u had 2 find out this way).

How To Remove Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner or Die Trying


There are a lot of things worth fearing on this horrible earth, but Ashley can help you identify nearly every single one of them (thank god).

Can You Guess What I Fear Most On This Horrible Earth?


Brittney’s salute to the “most loveable man in baseball” melted our hearts so thoroughly that for a moment, we were all sports, you know? In our hearts, we mean. 

Prince Fielder: A Tribute



Waaaay way back in September 2015, we assembled our contributors/pals for this digital mini-art zine featuring tough guys and their cute animal friends. You might spot some familiar faces in the lineup! 

Tough Dudes & Cute Animals: A Mini Zine


While Origins Week was our second theme week and not our first, it launched a lot of things — including CC’s blossoming (and now, from this point on, life-long) obsession with Dragon Age thanks to Rachel’s phenomenal essay comic about the way Inquisition tackled backstory and lore within the series.

Dragon Age: Inquisition and the Falsehood of Origins


Back when Parks and Rec was still on the air and relatively more things were right with the world, Rachel and Ashley teamed up to fan-cast which of your favorite pals from Pawnee would play various characters within the original Star Wars movies.

These Are the Parks and Rec Fancasts You’re Looking For




FIZZ! CROAK!!! Comics: Not Just For Crones Anymore?


A lot has changed since the spring of our youths back in the year of our lord 2014. Our coven has grown, we started publishing printed!! books!!, and the entire world is basically just hell now. But at least one thing hasn’t changed: comics truly aren’t just for crones anymore  — they’re just still mostly for crones and we stand by this statement completely. Thank u, all of u, for being our POMEs.



Wow we’re not crying, YOU’RE CRYING; we love each other and you so very much and we’re so grateful we’ve been able to share all our wonderful weird thoughts and art with you over the years. We hope to fill the hag-shaped ethereal content void in your life for years and years to come.

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