Tough Dudes & Cute Animals: A Mini Zine

POMEmag chatted with some of the roughest, toughest dudes around and asked them to talk about their animal friends. Here are some cute little buddies and the macho dudes who love them.





“Cute enough to eat or too cute to eat? I go back and forth on it all day long. Haha, I’m just kidding, I love this little guy! We’re getting matching tattoos next week.”

by Connor Shea




jen pug_web


“Well I’m a certified yoga instructor, part time Spirit Cycle Coach, and a lifter by lifestyle. I try to keep Baby Hey… I mean, Herman… fit but that boy is notttttt into exercise.”

by Jen Overstreet




edgar tough dude

Zeke: “In the war, I was known for my efficiency. In the ring, I was known for my brutality. In the circus, for my strength, but it was an unknown part of me that lead me here. Taka’s mother was sold off for ivory while Taka was still very young. Drunk one night, I stumbled and fell next to her cell. The waxing moonlight reflected in her sad eyes. I knew then that nature must not be caged. I freed her and myself.

Now, we wander the straits of Sri Lanka in search of our better selves. As the days pass by, my bones get brittle and I weaken while Taka grows bigger. As my hairs grey, I am finally learning not just how to love, but how to be loved.”

Taka: “moo”

by Edgar Vega




Nam Biker01aac


“Scruffy always rides with me when I tear up the road.”

by Nam Nguyen




caitlin tough guy


“Huginn and Muninn may look just as sleek and commanding as their King, but mine ravens doth understand the importance of yon manly cuddles. Even the All Father, King of Asguard, needs his snuggles.”

by Caitlin Zellers




kachi buffdudewithlittledog
by Kachi




“As my body inspiration Tom Hardy once said: ‘these aren’t kittens – these are god’s children I found on the street.'”

by Jenny Mott






“Hedwig understands me in a way that Ron and Hermione never have. We have our disagreements from time to time, but she always come back.”

by Claudine Lucena




rachel hunk

“I’m training these little guys to be as tough as me!!”

by Rachel Weiss



Special thanks to all of the tough dudes who brought us all the tough dudes you saw above.


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