Turn Up the Heat on Your Winter Wardrobe

When it’s freezing cold and just stepping out of your warm bed feels like a Herculean task, it’s tempting to cover up every square inch of skin by retreating to sweatpants and sweatshirts, thick wooly socks and that comfy old bra you meant to throw out last year. But doesn’t that get old? Don’t you get tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the same old boring stuff you wore last winter? This year, try something different.

With these tips, you can put together some hot new looks to brave the cold.


Turn Up the Heat on Your Winter Wardrobe -- peter pan collar sweaters
Image source: Kohl’s

Try layering all your peter pan collar sweaters on top of each other to take that fun, youthful look to new heights. The dozen or so layers of variously embroidered collars will provide extra visual interest even as they raise your body temperature 20 degrees.


Turn Up the Heat on Your Winter Wardrobe -- Sports Onesie
Image source: Hockey Sockey


While some turn to Netflix for distraction during the winter months, others turn to sports. If you’re the latter, wearing a fleece onesie for the sports team of your choosing can be a great way to liven up the gray gloom of the everyday. Flaunt your socially acceptable obsession while high-quality fleece keeps you warm. Also great for casual Fridays in the office.


Turn Up the Heat on Your Winter Wardrobe -- this poncho is so yellow. it burns
Image source: Dolls Kill

Take a page out of your summer lookbook and put on some eye-searing colors. Look for highlighter yellows and neon greens, bright pinks and retina-burning oranges. They’ll not only trick your brain into being a bit happier, but also serve as beacons for your friends when you get lost in the mall.


Turn Up the Heat on Your Winter Wardrobe -- perfect for your saytr costume
Image source: Etsy


You’ve seen faux fur jackets and boots, even sweaters, but this winter it’s all about faux fur pants. You’ll look like a sexy walking blanket — or a werewolf! — and who can resist that?


Turn Up the Heat on Your Winter Wardrobe -- sequins everywhere!
Image source: Vestiaire Collection


Mini skirts. Now, just wait, hear me out. Everyone is going to be wearing jeans or sweatpants, and don’t you want to stand out in a crowd, even if it’s just to make people question Why the hell???? Be sure to choose something sparkly, or even an eye-catching print, as some studies have shown that such clothing has restorative properties to keep your skin clear and to keep you looking fresh af despite winter’s best efforts to drag you down. (YMMV; side effects may include unconsciously adopting Charlize Theron’s “murder” walk, the ability to stun all lesser beings into silence, and episodes of euphoria.)


Turn Up the Heat on Your Winter Wardrobe -- look at this purple/gray striped asymmetrical cape! why does this exist???
Image source: The Clutcher

You might think capes have a Halloween cut-off date, but you could not be more wrong. What is more winter appropriate than striding down a snowy street, cape billowing out behind you, looking like the star of an off-off-off-Broadway stage production of Doctor Strange? And, to get that extra drama, really lean in with an asymmetrical look, and don’t stop until you find a cape that covers approximately everything except for maybe your right leg.


Turn Up the Heat on Your Winter Wardrobe -- red velvet, pockets, hood; the perfect christmas jumpsuit
Image source: Forever 21

A jumpsuit is a must in every fashionable woman’s closet, of course (who doesn’t love getting almost entirely naked just to pee), but this winter, shake things up a bit with a velvet, hooded jumpsuit that also has pockets. With this on, you’ll feel like a cross between Amy Poehler’s ~cool mom~ from Mean Girls and an extra from GLOW, just itching to catch your big break.


Turn Up the Heat on Your Winter Wardrobe -- FASHION! Turn to the Left!
Image source: Pixabay

It’s time to confront the notion that winter is just cozy days indoors, a roaring fire, some hot cocoa, and a snuggly sweater. With these fashion tips, you can venture into the great wintery outdoors with pizazz.

Featured image via Pixabay.

Jessika Rieck

Jessika Rieck

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