A Very Chilling Sabrina Roundtable: Season 2, Episode 3

Welcome to A Very Chilling Sabrina Roundtable: a recap series where we chat about the chills, thrills, and top shelf witchery in Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Today, it’s all about Lupercalia (Witches’ Sadie Hawkins May Day Valentines Orgy but with Furries), and boys who sure are good at saying the right things (but are they good at doing the right things??) That’s what we’re here to find out!

Jenny: so i think we should start w a summary??

CC: so excited for witches’ st patrick’s day

Jenny: can’t wait for witches arbor day

CC: truly hype for witches’ labor day

Jenny: oh god yes

CC: tell me how to live, socialist witch forbearers

Jenny: the content i crave
but for real so much happened in this episode —
witches’ Valentine’s Day is just a 3-day long orgy festival that draws from A) May Day (a celebration of Spring? in February??) and B) from Little Red Riding Hood???
it’s seems like a bit of a mess

Rachel: a sexy mess

Jenny: a Very Sexy Mess
much like mortal Valentines Day here in Greendale

CC: on record I just want to say that I truly do not understand the social mores of sexuality in the dark church

Jenny: totally fair! i don’t think there’s actually any internal logic to it!
i think these writers are really trying to reconcile the fact that witchcraft has always been a metaphor for female liberation with the fact that they just discovered feminism on tumblr last week and they want to talk about it dammit

CC: i love that somebody in the dark church us producing informative pop-up books for participating in the traditional v-day dark orgy

Jenny: oh god truly

Rachel: i love that somebody in real life got that job in the prop department




Rachel: hilda continues to be an absolute gem and the best part of this series

CC: ok so
serious question
for the church of night, is “the desires of fallen angels” like
christian smutty romance novels? the steamy amish romances called “plowing the untilled field [of the lord]” or w/e????
it’s basically religious steamy romance right????

Jenny: lol i hope so! i mean, there is a HUGE christian romance novel section at half price, so i think this must be the equivalent

Rachel: 1000%
it’s like, chaste youths almost boning but NOT QUITE
until marriage, that is

Jenny: ofc
but then yeah after marriage it’s just a lot of

CC: ok but to be clear, I am talking about those romance novels that are like “they’re MARRIED y’all ALL BETS ARE OFF we’re going to the bone zone bc god bless us in holy matrimony one and all”
they exist; I swear; i helped my grandma in her flea market booth and there were only so many sweet water high books I could find in the used book bin

Jenny: of course of course how do you think hilda knows how to spell it if not for having seen it written so much

CC: I really wanna know what the satanic alternative is to the usual “””””sensual”””” romance novel metaphors

Jenny: maybe it’s like — young people who have to save themselves for the dark lord, but once they hit 16/sign their souls away all bets are off
or idk marriage is definitely a thing for this brand of satanists

CC: I guess to an extent LOL
what an episode

Jenny: maybe there’s some, like, forbidden romance to be had there?
idk idk
yeah for sure SO MUCH HAPPENED

Rachel: this marriage proposal

CC: lol it stinks but i was delighted by zelda’s reaction to it

Jenny: and we’re not just talking about the raw turtle dove hearts!

Jenny: oh hell yeah

CC: what is UP with warlocks and raw hearts

Jenny: isn’t that what witches want??
raw hearts and worthy opponents??


Jenny: hard.core.

CC: marital kombat


Rachel: i get that Zelda wants to bring honor and prestige back to the spellman name
but this dude is just the nastiest
and he makes life for sabrina consistently hard

Jenny: it’s true
he sucks
but if she were to marry him…
and then he were to have an accident…

CC: kill him and take his job!!!

Jenny: exactly!
who better suited to step in than his trusted wife
she’s playing the long game

Rachel: oh i love that plan actually

Jenny: very same
we can only hope
but at least we do have one assurance

Jenny: just — audible relief
oh thank god

what a relief
I think there was a time when she had feelings for him tbh
but I think a lot of last season kinda…….. put a damper on that

Jenny: yeah yeah for sure — there’s only so much “watching him actively and selectively make things difficult for your niece/ward” that anyone could reasonably forgive

CC: i hate how much game I am SURE he thinks he has

CC: nice try my dude

Jenny: oh my god yeah ????

Rachel: can we talk about this scene??
the may pole in february

Jenny: the SEXY may pole in february

CC: uh don’t u mean the FEBRUARY POLE rachel
lolololol jk

Rachel: the sexy february pole
i can’t get over the school-sanctioned boning that goes on here

Jenny: fair
very fair
but at least

Jenny: thee school provides access to some berries of phylaxis

CC: I think we can def confirm that this can’t take place in upstate new york bc what kind of witch festival involves sleeping outside at that time of year

Jenny: oh def — like
if they’re decorating trees to welcome the spring and it’s mid-february then i think they’ve got to be living, like, here?

CC: welcome to greendale tx

Jenny: it’s not a coal mine it’s an oil drill
but they didn’t have an oil drill set so we just use our imaginations

Rachel: maybe witches don’t get cold??

Jenny: a good point

Rachel: or maybe the implication is that there will be so much sex-ing going on nobody will get chilly
oh ho ho ho

Jenny: yeah and they’re all kept warm by hellfire in their hearts/loins?

CC: inflamed with passion

Jenny: that sounds like an STD

CC: +1

Jenny: i take it back
bc yeah the whole premise of school-sanctioned witches’ valentines orgy just doesn’t make sense to me

CC: maybe you only get slutshamed by the real life author of The Lottery
if you bone outside of religious holidays

Jenny: LOL
i think you’ve cracked it
those are the weird rules governing sexuality in the church of night
save it for lupercalia

Rachel: lol

CC: pon farr comes but once a year, i guess

Rachel: that red riding hood thing though — like, who’s kink is that
i feel like one high priest ages ago was just like, “and then they’re all WOLVES”
“but it’s the RED RIDING HOODS that chase THEM”

CC: ewwwwwwwwwwww
so this is
the sadie hawkins mayday valentine’s dance???

Jenny: but with furries (a little bit)
the sadie hawkins mayday valetines orgy but w furries

CC: got this crystal ball……just 2 look into the future and pre-invent furries

Jenny: lol
this is so complicated
ok ok but for real
there’s still so much more to cover in this ep
the most important one being:


CC: god bless
here for it bc i love pain

Rachel: YESSSS
and also lovers who want to be together but CAN’T

CC: ugh
so good

Jenny: now i bet THAT’S a romance novel hilda’s read
but also the whole DR. C plotline of this ep was such a rollercoaster

CC: “””taming the incubus”


Jenny: when they said INCUBUS
god i think i screamed
i was so happy for our girl

CC: get it hilda


Jenny: he’s coming for you
(but in a sexy and totally consensual way)
can i just say
the scene transition from THIS ^^^ with the howling

Jenny: to THIS ^^^
teens slowdancing to HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF BY DURAN DURAN???
what the fuck teens!??!?!
do you not know a BOP when you HEAR ONE??!?!

CC: this whole playlist and costume design combo at the dance was So Much
also all the couples in the bg who just look Tortured

Jenny: i mean i cannot imagine having to be an extra on this set
just, like, how much b-roll did they film of teens dancing
hours probably!

Rachel: also the introduction of amalia
the whole amalia thing is so much

Jenny: oh god
it’s SO MUCH

CC: yeah it’s a A Lot

Jenny: like — she’s his familiar who is also a werewolf who is also his ONLY family??
that’s A LOT
that’s so many things to be!
but also!
the whole thing about her!
is so fucked up!

Jenny: he “KILLS” her???
acts like that’s a normal and ok thing for him to have done for this girl he just started dating???

Rachel: also, here’s my real question
why is she wearing an old timey dress
who gave her that dress and who put it on her!!!!!
it’s such a weird choice!!!!!!

Jenny: that is a great question that i do not have an answer for
but you’re right!
you’re absolutely right!
it’s SO WEIRD!!

Rachel: i found it to be incredibly distracting
also like always, i appreciate the dedication to real fx but this wolf suit was awful
even outside of the weird attire

Jenny: god yeah it was bad

CC: i mean they could have just hired the wolf unit from game of thrones
not like they’re doing anything rn

Jenny: LOL

CC: look i wanna talk about dr c and hilda a little bit more if yall are ok with that

Jenny: oh yeah go for it
always down

Rachel: oh yes obviously

CC: i just wanna say that
I LOVE hilda and zelda’s new dynamic
and I LOVED zelda giving hilda advice on how to bone an incubus
also the pep talks all throughout
love this
more pls


CC: put a rift between any other relationship but pls satan preserve this one

Jenny: honestly i feel like s1 did a lot of work forcing zelda to confront the fact that hilda is valuable, actually; and i’m so glad these writers have chosen to remember that!
but also i think it helps that zelda feels a lot more secure in her position in the church of night — like, she’s less likely to lash out

CC: god so glad the writers remembered season 1

Jenny: praise satan

CC: also ya that’s a great point!
how when you feel insecure, you tend to take it out on others
zelda is more balanced so she has more emotional energy to devote to being a good sister

Rachel: yeah honestly as an older sister the cain/abel thing made me so uncomfortable lol
i am glad they have grown beyond that in the show

CC: LOL we’re on the chopping block
ha ha ha ha ha
but also agreed

Jenny: i really want to get back to the mortal valentines day dance — so much comes together there
we get the introduction of amalia
but we ALSO get


Jenny: which is just!!
the weirdest thing!!

CC: i do not know how to feel about it
other than
nice pun lol
pun or gnostic deep cut idc

Jenny: it’s def too on the nose


Jenny: and it really feels like these asshole writers are back up to their garbage tricks again

Rachel: LOL
loved that
i honestly did not see this whole twist coming

Jenny: oh def — i didn’t see it coming either
i think they did a really good job w the reveal of it bc it kind of put us into the same position lilith is in
like — who the fuck is this guy??

CC: ok but honestly, my main question about this is: is god real too?????

Jenny: i think god must be real, if satan is real
like, they’re playing into the whole Very Biblical interpretation of things

Rachel: yeah, like we learned in that Morality Play
where Ambrose plays god
a very sexy pansexual god

Jenny: def

CC: i think adam’s timing is too good and that he has to be a meddler from the “””false god””” or w/e

Jenny: oooooh
hot take
could be could be
he is DEFINITELY a little too perfectly tailored to our girl Lil

Jenny: like
what the fuck but also it’s perfect for her

CC: i love that the creepy doll changed her mind
the fine line between getting stabbed in the neck and being allowed to give the bride of satan a foot rub is a good gift

Rachel: well also she’s in a delicate place
Satan has been so rude!!
and not appreciating her!
her crying at that play really made it clear her feelings of betrayal
and here waltzes in this guy who loves her and appreciates her and gives her creepy dolls

CC: lucifer is a bad boyfriend

Jenny: makes me wonder what kind of a freak was the real mary wardwell
would love to see a prequel

CC: lol same

Rachel: LOL
good point!!
i mean she was like the witch historian of the town

Jenny: oh man yeah!
that’s like — the only thing we actually know for sure about her
would LOVE a prequel

CC: omg i just realized
with lilith describing mary wardwell as an unattractive, unhappy spinster
but in the last episode, sabrina wearing what is essentially a wardwell wig to play lilith in the school play
how much does wardwell???? actually??? look like lilith??????
i mean it probably doesn’t matter
but still
don’t let the dark lord tell u how 2 feel about urself girl

Jenny: i think the closest we’ve seen so far of actual lilith is in the s1 premiere — and she’s just like: very pretty; long dark hair
when she walks out onto the road in from of wardwell’s car

CC: oh dang, I just figured that was a different host

Jenny: reasonable
(lol sorry i am v bad at not spoiling)

CC: ah well no worries
in that vein
I would ask what yall think adam’s life expectancy is
but all things considered (that yall have already finished the season) NO SPOILERS

Jenny: i want him to live forever
forever as wardwell’s Good Boyfriend

Rachel: lol i guess it depends on if he’s In on This or not
like is he a clueless mortal??
is he Actually Satan, here to fuck with Wardwell’s head some more??
was he sent by the False God to tempt her??
tbd tbd!!!

ok well I hope he is not actually satan that would make me SO MAD
she just DESERVES some love & care

Jenny: i feel like the more mortal the shorter the expectancy

Rachel: yes agreed jenny

CC: if he’s a mortal man, honestly I’m surprised he survived thru THIS episode
that must have been some foot rub

Jenny: but speaking of characters who are introduced JUST to be killed off immediately
i want to get back to amalia
bc everything about that was so fucked up
so much more than just nick pretending to kill her
the worst was — i think — when sabrina ACTUALLY killed her

Jenny: killing her and turning to him like “why did you lie to me?” “why didn’t you kill her?”
what the FUCK
like — what moral high ground are you trying to cling to? can you even claim rights to any of it any more??
s2 sabrina is Not Great
when it comes to life decisions

CC: ok but i would not want to have to kill anybody’s dog for them

Jenny: let alone the only family they have left?
i mean — mostly my thought is: did she have to kill her, though
like. they are witches
magic is real
but i guess so is stabbing

CC: I feel like nick made things worse by going in finger guns blazing
sabrina had almost calmed her down!!!!

Jenny: oh def he is not blameless here

CC: she’s just screaming “TALK TO HER” while he’s whitefanging his familiar

Rachel: i felt so bad for nick
seeing a hot dude cry always gets me


Jenny: lol yeah

Rachel: cradling the dead body of his only family
and just sobbing!!!!

Jenny: horrible

Rachel: although love that they let him have some full emotion
not just like “i’m TOUGH and don’t feel EMOTION”
“except VENGEANCE”
(looking at you Archie andrews)

CC: pbffft lol archie

Jenny: i mean i think these writers have been REALLY good w harvey and nick — they almost always say the right thing, and they definitely feel things, which is great
i kind of want to make that my final thought?
do y’all think we’re there?

CC: i have one more thing to say
before final thoughts

Jenny: go for it

CC: i feel like this is the worst time to say it but
i still do not trust nick!!!! I’m sorry!!! he’s too perfect!!!!
he was engineered in a Good Teen BF lab!!!!

Jenny: oh man yeah that is Very Fair

CC: i want him to be real!!! but how many Good Boys can one show have?????

Rachel: probably got him at the Teen BF store


CC: the romance novel version of the Claire’s (while the Husband Store is just Express)
I will GIVE IT MORE TIME but i just still am on the fence about this beautiful pair of abs
although “I will kill my demon dog for you before our first official date” is the kind of chaotic bi energy that permeates Dragon Age so I guess I’ll take it episode by episode LOL

Jenny: LOL
but def — whether these boys can be trusted or not — my final thought is just a compilation of Good Boys Being Good

Jenny: what a good boy!

CC: they were the best of boys, they were the worst of boys, jk they were just the best of boys


Jenny: these two for sure!
this was such a nice lil moment!

CC: ugh so good

Rachel: yeah this was so good!!

Jenny: ok last one

Jenny: he made her a card!!
so sweet!!
but it was a nice card, actually

Rachel: all boys everywhere, take note!!
we love cards!!! cards are great, thoughtful gifts!!!

CC: more cards!!!!
write more inside the cards too pls

Jenny: write about feelings
that’s a TIP

CC: so my final thought is
umino did not do anything to deserve dweebus, who is a disaster and so is her eyeliner

Rachel: LOL

CC: also i can’t hear the name “melvin” w/o thinking of this guy

you’re right




here’s hoping that melvin steals dorcas’s heart and gives her some much needed kindness that she doesn’t get from literally anybody else, including her sisters
ok here’s my final thought
i just caught up on the webcomic Sakana and this panel made me think of Hilda’s reaction to Doctor C’s incubus

Rachel: v happy for you Hilda!!!!

Bless Hilda

CC: so happy 4 her

Jenny: She deserves only the best

Rachel: hail satan

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