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Good afternoon, you POME unfortunate souls. Here are some things to read and check out to help you get through the remainder of your week and into the (unfortunately normal, two-day) weekend.



A couple decided to live their lives as a 24/7 Victorian era LARP. People are not super into it, considering the couple’s “the struggle is real” attitude to their commitment to boar bristle toothbrushes and corsetry.

Feelings about this:

  • Boar bristle toothbrushes seem super gross.
  • The past would be pretty unkind to most of us and I, for one, am glad that we have both electricity, hormonal contraception, and the right to vote.
  • That dude looks super cute in those old-timey suits. 1 out of 2 POMEcrones think that this 24/7 Victorian LARP would be worth it to see a bunch of handsome people in suits all the time (1 out of 2 POMEcrones are still debating but really appreciate the aesthetic).
  • It’s nice to know that no matter how weird and committed your hobbies are, true love really does exist.

The Toast, on the other hand, presents an alternative time travel lifestyle.

Jesse Berney – I Love 2012. So I Decided To Live In It

They look at my slightly unfashionable clothes and see a freak. But I am no freak, just a man who chooses to live in a simpler, more innocent time, a time when abortion was slightly more accessible in several states.




I’ve been thinking about Captain America a lot lately and what makes him awesome. This essay from a few years back goes into detail about Cap’s historically accurate and almost certainly very open-minded worldviews.



We here at POMEmag like to share links about what the comics industry is like and how things could be better. In the last few years, fans and creators alike have been bringing up lots of great discussions about sexism within the industry. As it turns out, animation has a similar history.

There is an infamous rejection letter that has been circling the internet for the last eight years. “Dear Miss Ford,” the 1938 letter to a would-be animation trainee begins. “Women do not do any of the creative work in connection with preparing the cartoons for the screen, as that work is performed entirely by young men. For this reason girls are not considered for the training school.” The letter advises Miss Mary V. Ford that she can apply to Walt Disney Productions’ ink and paint department if she so desires.

Check out Ariane Lange’s “Inside The Persistent Boys Club Of Animation” for a pretty cool history of women entering the (American) animation industry.



A little old, but forever relevant: Hillary Clinton watches Parks and Rec.



The article title really covers it on this one:  International Film Critics Vote ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Year’s Best Film. Yusssssssssssssssssssssss.




In the words of Sophia Petrillo, “Picture it”: Logo TV, Sept. 12 and 13 — a quartet of Drag Race alums hosting 30 hours of classic Golden Girls episodes in honor of the groundbreaking series’ 30th anniversary. The queens will pay homoage to the post-menopausal Miami foursome in a variety of skits, and the casting is on point: Shangela as the blunt-talking Sophia, Delta Work as the acerbic Dorothy Zbornak, Pandora Boxx as the daffy Rose Nylund, and Willam (going very against-type) as the sex-positive Blanche Devereaux. The queens will also thank the iconic women for “being a friend” by dishing on their favorite Golden Girls moments.



In other exciting television news, a promo video is out for the upcoming Jessica Jones TV show. The promo takes a lot of interesting visual cues from the comic (particularly from David Mack’s beautiful covers).



I feel like my glam-rando-lady-neckbeard personal brand is finally getting some love from Corporate America with this new Covergirl Star Wars makeup line. Also, Janelle Monae in a rebel pilot uniform (!!!!!!!!).




What are you guys into right now? Drop us some links in the comments!


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