Afternoon Snack

Hello, lovely POMEs. We’re still recuperating from getting bit by a radioactive crone last week, but here are some neat things that have happened between our last snack and this one. As usual, this post is full of links, articles, and other stuff we’ve been reading lately (topped off with an anime food cherry on top).



Today in exciting science news: Russel T Davies was right!



Today in exciting space fantasy news: CC was right! Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 (AKA Sailor Moon Crystal S) is happening!!!! If you’re caught up on Moon Podcast Power, you might be familiar with CC’s unwavering faith in the inevitability of Sailor Moon Crystal reaching this storyline, so she is currently LOSING HER GODDAMNED MIND.



Books about female friendship are an integral part of the POMEmag brand. We will read this and get back to you guys.



18th century pirate lady friends (and possibly lovers) on the high seas??? Someone please turn this into the pirate version of Rose of Versailles, STAT.



Neocities: a Geocities-esque free web host for the modern era, we guess. As old ladies who grew up in ye olde disorganized Web 1.0, we are curious about whether or not hands-on rando-created websites can find a foothold in our brave new world.



Speaking of getting old, did any of you guys catch Vice’s 2005 Week? Because if we weren’t crones before, we grew into the role pretty quickly upon realizing that our teenage years are over 10 years behind us at this point. This article series is good, but achingly nostalgic for aging millennials so proceed with bittersweet caution.

However, we highly recommend the Garden State review that unfortunately (yet understandably) made Zach Braff sad.



In edifying-yet-not-entirely-unexpected-news, people use email for love letters.



Some disappointing and sad yet interesting articles about reporting harassment in the comics industry:  Nick Hanover’s A Chorus of Silence: On the Impossibility of Reporting on Chronic Abusers in Comics and Alex de Campi’s You Can Only Find the Best Version of Wonder Woman in Sensation Comics. Sigh.



A super cool PBS journalist interviews Super Cool Comics Artist Kate Beaton.



How Max Medina does money. If you’re familiar with both the Gilmore Girls and the Billfold’s How Wizards Do Money series, this is going to be right up your [Diagon] alley.



Never change, douchebags. Never change.



What were you guys right about this week? Let us know down in the comments!


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