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It’s kind of gross and almost-rainy today, which makes it a great day to stare out the window while listening to the Howl’s Moving Castle soundtrack. It’s 3:30PM on a Wednesday, so we’re getting pretty close to the totally legitimate, scientifically backed Crone Hour. Thus, our recommendations about stuff you should read / watch / listen to are ~1000 times reputable.




Are you as moved as Matthew McConaughey?



Related space feelings: the entire Mass Effect Trilogy is available on Amazon for $10 right now (on PC). It is your moral obligation to buy a copy for a friend. CONSUME.



The natural world is beautiful and you are a part of it. But also it’s falling apart and you are part of that too.



Megan Brennan’s delightful Magical Girls comic is up on Gumroad. It is delightful and funny and only $2, so buy it.



This image came up while CC was looking for images to fold into the newest Moon Podcast Power listener’s blog.

(CC is also delighted that image searching “liefeld anatomy,” yielded a few Sailor Moon screenshots as well.)



Scanlation is very bad and you should buy your manga, you guys. There is also a dearth of niche titles, especially mellow josei stuff. Is it ethical to read scanlated manga if there’s no way to legitimately read a series in your language? Please weigh in below in the comments.

In the meantime, you should be reading Kakukaku Shikajika if you can find it. It is an autobio story about the creator of Princess Jellyfish in her art school / novice shoujo artist days. If you are a moody, creative woman, you will probably relate to it and enjoy it a lot. Look, 90% of the time a book description uses the word “unflinchingly,” you can usually just groan and forget about it, but, we especially love how Higashimura unflinchingly depicts what an endearingly self-important little shit she was in her teens and 20s. Most of us were (lol still are) the same way so it just feels very honest, especially all the regrets that come with those memories. You should check it out. (We are not linking to a scanlation because we don’t want to get it taken down, but it’s pretty easy to track down through Google alone).

If you’re already a reader: so many new chapters this month!!!



Speaking of shoujo, CC has been reading this comic about a disgruntled adult magical girl at Sparkler Monthly and has been thoroughly enjoying it. Body diversity! Cute outfits! The main character’s very natural / super clever progression from magical girl exploits to a career related to geology! Chapter three went up recently and CC still has to read it but you guys should join her on this magical adventure.



If you’re in Austin and are interested in furthering diversity in tech and gaming, definitely check out AlterConf this Saturday, April 25th! Get ready to talk about broadening inclusivity and breaking down barriers, on top of meeting a lot of really cool people in the Austin tech scene. Tickets are on a sliding scale of $0-$100, pay what you can and join in on the conversation to make the tech community better!




There’s a lot going now so we don’t have much else to gift you guys. Besides: Mad Men. Game of Thrones. It’s been a busy week. (Related: Joan’s date night dress!!!!!!!) Do you guys have any cool recommendations to fill the days after Sunday with non premium-cable-prestige-drama content? Drop recs in the comments, please!


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