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Happy afternoon, POMEs! The winter solstice is almost upon us here in the northern hemisphere, and the newest Star Wars movie is out in theaters. Fear not, dear reader – today we provide you with links free from any Star Wars spoilers. Instead we talk lesbians, friendship, feminist Hogwarts, and witches in the woods. Let’s start!

This year was pretty good for queer ladies at the movies, but it’s still hard to find that magical convergence of lesbians and Christmas in our cinema. Autostraddle’s helping us out with this list of 10 imaginary movies featuring ladies who love ladies during the winter solstice season. Movies I am looking the most forward to in this list: The Family Healing Crystal, Elf 2, and It’s Doggone Christmas!. Hollywood, please pay attention.

Sometimes the internet gives you a glimpse into your future, and this time it’s painted a vision of a punk mom embarrassed to be dropping her son off at a rap-rock concert. We are looking forward to ascending to the mother aspect of triple goddess, but this is maybe the darkest timeline for that fate.

One thing POME is all about is friendship, especially female friendships, so we were happy and heartened to see this story of a woman who took a week to compliment all the women in her life on things other than their beauty – their drive, their humor, their generosity. Generally we are in support of calling out when the people in your life are killin’ it, but it’s a sad fact that most of the compliments that ladies get are oriented around their looks. So while we will still be telling our female friends how on point their wingtip eyeliner is, we will also be making a point this holiday season (and after!) of letting y’all know that you’re all the best. All of you!

The feminist houses of Hogwarts is obviously a thing we are super onboard with.

Simona Kossak was a woman who lived simply, close to nature, in a hut in Europe’s oldest forest. A wild board slept at her feet and an extremely rude crow was her friend and she was a scientist and ecologist whom the deer of the forest had accepted as their own. Basically she was a super cool lady and we admire her greatly.

Let’s talk about this amaazzzziinnnnnngggggggggg thing the very trendy men of the world are doing.

Sara Shaefer made a joke about being a women in comedy and a lot of people liked it and a lot of trolls didn’t. The cycle continues. We got your back, Sara.

This list of the best under-recognized stories of 2015 is basically a super great Afternoon Snack and we can’t wait to read all of these things while sitting at home on our parents’ couch in our pajamas over the holidays.

And that’s what we have for you this week, POMEs. We wish you a safe and happy holiday, and we hope that you enjoy what’s left of 2015 before the impending new year and the inevitable decay of our mortal bodies. Happy holidays!

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