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Happy February, POMEs! We hope that your 2016 is feeling more comfortable and well-worn as we start the second month of this slightly-less-new year. Here are some links and articles to graze over on a lovely, late winter afternoon.



It’s Hourly Comic Day, an annual comics event that encourages you to draw a short comic for every hour you are awake today. Are you working on hourlies today? Hit us up in the comments because we’d love to see them!







Speaking of long-awaited news, apparently that mythological American Gods TV series is not only an Actual Thing, but it’s also actively casting right now. With Shadow locked in, we’re excited to see how this thing turns out.

(One out of two POME crones is pretty diehard about American Gods and has been awaiting news of this series with a great deal of trepidation for years. Hopefully this series captures the action and fun of Neil Gaiman’s most Neil Gaiman-y novel.)



Some interesting critical thoughts about Wandering Son.



Is Dragon Age 2 an unpopular game? This look at fan criticism of DA2’s less-sweeping focus than DA:O points out some of the issues behind the game’s initial reception.



Gina Fattore’s How Will I Live? Fame, Money, Day Jobs, and Fiction Writing:

At 30, Jane Austen was an utter failure. A blocked writer with virtually no income of her own, she was living at her brother Frank’s house in Southampton with his new bride, her widowed mother, her older sister Cassandra, and an equally impoverished family friend. When she was 21, her father had queried a publisher about the first draft of Pride and Prejudice — then called First Impressions — but they refused to read it. At 27, she sold her novel Northanger Abbey, expecting this to launch her writing career — but her joy was short-lived: the publisher advertised the book but never put it out.


It got better, tho. #motivation #inspo #bleakrealitiesofcreativework #weeping



Kind-hearted reality shows for a better world than ours.



Check out this kickstarter for a rad series about college-aged magical girls.



That’s all we’ve got to help ease you into this brand-new month.

Once again, POMEs, let us know if you’re working on hourly comics this year — we’d love to check them out!


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