Afternoon Snack

Happy Monday, folks! There were mostly good things and maybe some scary things that we saw last week. Let’s just pull the band-aid right off and get to it.




Let’s start off with this truly amazing take down of a very ignorant anti-abortion Texas legislature by Boss Woman Samantha Bee. A lot of POME contributors live and work in Texas, so we have very strong feelings about HB2 right now (and forever). We love seeing Samantha Bee using her platform to take an ignorant man to task while we anxiously await the Supreme Court’s HB2 decision.





This interview with Jaime Hernandez is so great – Hernandez talks about the 30 year history of Love & Rockets, about Las Locas and what they mean to him, and how absolutely crazy it is that even 30 years later, a majority-female cast like Love & Rockets has is still so far outside the norm. (Hint hint, mainstream media, get your shit together.)



This is the most comprehensive guide of the conceptual history of the Millennium Falcon that we’ve seen and it’s kind of amazing that so many of the original designs where so phallic?? But also let’s take a moment and appreciate the creative efforts of Colin Cantwell, Ralph McQuarrie, and all the other amazing humans involved in bringing the Star Wars to life.



If you’re in America right now, you might look at the current political climate and despair and you would not be alone. This article on the rise of American authoritarianism may confirm all your biggest fears.

The political phenomenon we identify as right-wing populism seems to line up, with almost astonishing precision, with the research on how authoritarianism is both caused and expressed.

This is the darkest timeline. (I am trying to make light of it only to keep from expressing my truest, deepest horror.)




This is sad news because I’m pretty sure we were promised this game at the end of 2016 but as long as Mass Effect: Andromeda exists at some point in my future, I suppose it’s all still fine.




That’s about it for us folks. We’ll be glued to our computers, anxiously awaiting the final decision from the Supreme Court regarding the anti-abortion Texas legislation if anybody needs us.


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