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Happy Monday, POMEs! We’re looking at the start of another lovely spring day (that you will probably waste inside an air conditioned building instead of enjoying the sunshine and non-surface-of-the-sun, everything-is-melting-and-dying heat we’ll be looking at in a few months. Here are some links to help you pass away a day you’ll later regret not spending outside.



Happy Birthday, Commander Shepard!


shepard bday


(CC would like to point out that she is Birthday Twins with Commander Shepard and that this is the best possible birthday gift Bioware could have accidentally given her).



Sure, I’m a Feminist, But If I Support Other Women, How Will I Become the Highlander? — a real conundrum for every woman in our confusing modern world.



Remember those awful, staged-and-misleading-as-hell Planned Parenthood videos? In a karmic gift that keeps on giving, the d-bag who made them is getting investigated by a grand jury as a result of using them to push for a grand jury investigation of Planned Parenthood. What a beautiful world we live in.



A really cool history of the punk scene in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley.



If you love Star Wars but haven’t started watching Star Wars Rebels yet, boy are you in for a treat (also, go watch Rebels! Do it now! Go ahead and close this tab to do it; we won’t even be mad at you). On the other hand, if you’re all caught up on Rebels and need something to mull over, here are some thoughts about Ahsoka’s role in the animated series overall and about her role in retroactively making Anakin Skywalker a palatable, compelling character.



Alejandro Jimenez drops some really insightful criticism in Miles From Representation: On Needing More from Bendis’s Spider-Man:

Miles’s grandmother’s dialogue sounds more like a stereotypical representation of Spanglish speakers than an actual Puerto Rican grandmother. With her introductory dialog, “Face it, tigre, you’re about to get a big old kick in the culo” (emphasis theirs), an attempt to showcase the Morales family’s Latinidad falls flat because of the awkward usage of language meant to reference the introduction of Mary Jane Watson in Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1, #42.


The full thing is worth a read, especially in regards to how Marvel can do better (and is already doing better elsewhere in their continuity).



Even more excellent comics criticism: The Complete History of Batman and Robin’s Gay Subtext.

Photo via Slate / DC Comics



This American Life producer Zoe Chase explained to us KUT listeners how “the Hamilton rule” could stop Donald Trump from winning the presidency in 2016. Republicans, don’t throw away your shot at Cool Dad status: do what everyone’s favorite ten-dollar founding father without a father would do and vote for a Democrat!






Some nerds are real mangry about it but what else is new.  Forget tempering our expectations. Let’s just allow our excited yelling to carry us through until the end of 2016.


Aside from celebrating Commander Shepard’s birthday, what are you guys doing to while away your week? Leave us some reading recommendations in the comments!


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