Afternoon Snack at the Mos Eisley Cantina

As Space Week comes to a close, we want you to have an out-of-this-world week every week. The best way to do that is to integrate Star Wars into EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of your life. And we have provided you with plenty of ways to do so! Here’s how you can make, buy, watch, go, see, and read Star Wars for the weeks to come.



Stay warmer than Luke in the belly of a Tauntaun with these awesome Star Wars crochet blanket patterns.

Take it from the expert, it’s really hard to pick out your next crochet project. Next time you’ve hooked yourself into a tangle (that crochet pun may be a stretch), why not check out some of these Star Wars crochet patterns for inspiration. With 46 to choose from, you’ll certainly find your next project.



If you feel like your living space is lacking, why don’t you class up the joint with some of these Star Wars-themed home items from Etsy, such as:

If these aren’t the items you’re looking for in your quest for a swankier, Star Wars-ier home, Domestically Beautiful’s list of 50 unique Star Wars gifts will have you covered for just about every birthday present you’ll need to buy this year.


The Force Awakens gave us a real gift, you guys, and that gift is that its press tour made us all aware of Carrie Fisher’s interview and social media presence. Whether she’s calling out sexist journalists or photoshopping her dog into press photos, Carrie Fisher continues to inspire us with how few fucks she has to give. Please enjoy watching her make an interviewer squirm with some mega real, super uncomfortable questions.

Like most Star Wars fans, just thinking about the prequels might be enough to rustle your jimmies. Thinking about Jar Jar Binks in particular might be enough to get your blood boiling. This video of Ahmed Best (the actor who played Jar Jar Binks) talking about his Star Wars feels is going to make you feel super guilty for how mad you just were (even though, yeah, that character tho.)


Hey wealthy crones of leisure — this list of lookalike Star Wars locations is the perfect way to kick off an unforgettable, interplanetary world tour (without even leaving the comforts of Earth).


But what if Star Wars was a classic 1970s shoujo manga, though? We are SO GLAD there is an answer to that question:

What if The Force Awakens was a cute slice-of-life high school comic? Alternate Universes are a beloved fanfiction staple for a reason, you guys, and if you don’t believe us, this tumblr will change your mind.

One thing that’s surely important in the Star Wars universe is that if you’re going to fly around the galaxy, you gotta do it in style. This infographic details all the vehicles in the first 6 Star Wars films. Only one important question remains: What would these vehicles look like if Xzibit were to get his hands on them?

If you’re like me and often mix up Tatooine and Naboo, this infographic will be your perfect cheat sheet for all of the planets in the Star Wars universe.   

This comic about Chewbacca helping raise Kylo Ren will probably make you cry, whoever and wherever you are, so find a nice place to settle in before you read it.


If you’ve been noticing the recent explosion of Star Wars fashion and beauty products, you’re not alone. Mashable explores the growing market for nerdy fashion.

Prepare to have your mind blown by this fan theory about Jar Jar Binks. This Reddit thread links to multiple outside sources and contains a very lively discussion of the possibility that Jar Jar may be more than he seems.

Learn all there is to know (in theory) about the mechanics and history of lightsabers. From the simple single blade in the early movies to the tri-blade in The Force Awakens, this article covers everything from construction to famous lightsabers. After this read, you will be the coolest nerd at the lunch table.

Read up on everything you need to know about Jessika Pava, X-wing pilot and The Force Awakens’ best breakout minor character.

Here’s some data to help you out the next time a douchebag tries to talk down to you about how women just don’t like Star Wars.

As more and more writers reflect back on their takeaways from The Force Awakens, one thing is clear: time and time again, women are talking about how heart-stoppingly revolutionary it felt to see Rey at the center of the film. Sarah Maria Griffin explores how amazing it feels to see a woman as the exceptional, active, plot-directing hero for a change.

The New York Times’ review for A New Hope gives a real feel for how much of a game-changer that Star Wars was at the time that the franchise premiered. This precious cinnamon roll’s fresh-faced delight is also a great reminder that there was a time before nearly every human being on earth knew the Star Wars narrative by heart. But you guys, we absolutely have to talk about this quote:

In opposition to these good guys are the imperial forces led by someone called the Grand Moff Tarkin (Peter Cushing) and his executive assistant, Lord Darth Vader (David Prowse), a former student of Ben Kenobi who elected to leave heaven sometime before to join the evil ones.

His executive assistant.


This dense longread about the relationship between Star Wars and the tech industry twists, turns, and includes the word “mytho-techno-libertarianism.” You might not agree with all of author James Douglas’ points, but his insights about the franchise are interesting, to say the least.

We hope the next time we see you, you’re showing us around your sweet (and tastefully decorated) Star Wars pad while wearing your best Leia hair buns and expounding on all things Star Wars. Let this Afternoon Snack fulfill all your Star Wars dreams and desires, and maybe one with the Force, you will become.

Featured image source: Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina audio drama.

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