Announcing Boss Witch Week

Sweep away the cobwebs from your hearth & from your mind, coven — it’s time for Boss Witch Week. Boss Witch Week is our week-long push towards being your best crone self and taking charge of your life. All of our content this week is geared towards helping you be the best boss witch that you can be, and towards saluting boss witches that strike fear and awe into our dark, cold hearts. From inspired #looks to career advice to transformative hexes, we hope Boss Witch Week gives you the power you need to ascend to all aspects of the triple goddess in the weeks, months, and years to come.


Boss Witch Week Portents:



POWER LUNCH – POMEmag Editorial Crones



How to be a Boss Vendor — by Ashley Franklin

What Shoulder Pads are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign??? — by Jenny Mott



Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now: A Playlist — by Alejandra Martinez

How to be the Boss of Your Skin — by Scrain



Boss Witch Milestones for Every Crone — by Jessika Rieck

Museum of Natural Mystery — Small Wonder #2: 1st Russian Women’s Brigade of Death — by Emery Coolcats



13 Self-Care Tips for Boss Witches & Boss Crones — by Claudine Lucena

How to Accessorize for the Job You Want — by Kachi

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