Astronaut Food

Thanks for joining us as we span the universe this week. Don’t worry, we know that space travel takes a while — we saw Interstellar too, y’all. But we’re gracious space-hosts, so naturally, we packed plenty of provisions to make the trip a little bit easier. We reached deep into our memory banks and pulled out some of our favorite space things on the internet for you to enjoy. This Astronaut Food should fill you up and keep you entertained for lightyears to come.


Please note:  as we’re going to have to refuel eventually, we kept this in mind. You’ll be able to enjoy a whole host of terrific Star Wars links on Friday.




We’re going to kick off this in-flight snack right with something to listen to. If you’ve been enjoying Steven Universe as much as we have, you might be a little bummed about the lack of for-purchase soundtrack options available at this time. However, the official music of Steven Universe is for the most part all up on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure.




Speaking of things to listen to, the Commander Shepard song will fill Mass Effect fans with a ton of cathartic glee.



And (while we may have posted this? Oh well, it never gets old anyway) here is COMMANDER SHEPARD HERSELF READING THE SONG. YOU GUYS. YOU GUYYYYS.


[weeping over Youtube videos, brb]




Fashion It So: Two fashion nerds reviewing Star Trek TNG’s bizarre/fabulous 80s space outfits. Finally, Lwaxana Troi gets the adoration she deserves.



Why everything is better innnnnn spaaaaaaaace.




An amazing, thought-provoking review of 2015’s most timeless science fiction cinematic masterpiece.



On Sailor Jupiter’s effect on queer millennial women.




A breakdown of the possibility of life on other planets.


The Fermi Paradox




If you’re a Doctor Who fan, you’re probably aware that many episodes from the over-half-a-decade-long show are missing — either never recorded, or have vanished without a trace. The true story behind these missing episodes is more intriguing than many at least some recent Doctor Who episodes. (shots fired) (sorry not sorry)





Bounty hunters are one of space sci fi’s most beloved tropes. We know that even if you’re one of those “well I only can really watch Ghibli movies” casual anime viewers, you’ve probably binge-watched the stylish af Cowboy Bebop at some point. But if you dig a little deeper, 80s anime sci fi and cyberpunk was a booming genre. Dirty Pair’s effortless comedy/sci fi blend is just really fun science fiction.


Please note, though: the title refers to the infamous “Dirty Pair,” two Charlie’s Angels-esque agents who right wrongs (for cash) around the galaxy. They are known as the Dirty Pair because no matter how hard they try, they leave destruction and collateral damage in their wake. The name isn’t as gross as you might think. (Also, for a show with a reputation for fan service, it’s all pretty tasteful, especially by today’s standards. It’s just two cute babes who are friends and respect each others’ abilities, kicking ass and WEARING MEN’S SUITS SOMETIMES!!! because Kei is literally The Best).


OK, I’ll stop defending myself to you. But please consider giving Dirty Pair a watch sometime.




On love, X-files, and X-feels.



Beloved Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano’s beautiful team-up with David Bowie.




Astronomers working to get an image of a supermassive black hole. The scientific team behind this project also did an IAmA about it.




Remember when everybody was mad as hell about the Mass Effect 3 ending? This wonderful essay about the controversy will bring you right back to 2012.






All the galaxy nail art tutorials you will never need.




A cool sci-fi webcomic about kids in space.




The story behind the Mars One scam, and a place to get some cool, actually legit Mars journey updates.




We hope that all these cool things sustain you on our long journey forward. Do you have any treasured space-themed reads? Drop them in the comments!



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