Jenny Mott

Staff Editor

Jenny is just a Silly Nerd with a lot of Feelings about Comic Books and Friendship and also This Capitalist Yoke We All Share; she enjoys Dogs and Sleeping and Cartoons. Her three favorite words are: Breakfast All Day.

Eat Your Way Through The Day And We’ll Tell You Which Fairy Tale Witch You Are

Which Fairy Tale Witch are You? Based on Food Preferences!

Riverdale Roundtable 6: “Death Proof”


Riverdale Roundtable 4: “The Town That Dreaded Sundown”

We need emotional support in these trying times of Archie being a dummy and no witches at all

Buttercup’s How To: Dry and Preserve Herbs

Garden magic to preserve herbs for all your soothing herbs, balms, and poultices

Double Feature: Bell Book and Candle and The Love Witch

Witchcraft, Old and New (AKA Internalized Misogyny and Loss of the Self)

13 Hexes For Friday The 13th

Curses that also just seem like bad luck

Neo Yokio: The Anti-Capitalist Revolution

Aesthetic Melancholy in the Superfluous Aristocracy

Romance Roundtable #4: The Maverick

The CSI / Cowboy love story we've all been waiting for

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