Eye of Newt: A Cauldron Snack

What secrets have the night winds whispered to us under the warm, bright harvest moon? We’ve scoured the earth for the most enticing crone-related news around. Gather around the cauldron to reap the bounty of our search.

We have also put together this Pinterest board for all of your crone-centric DIY needs.




PORTENTS – News from the Crone Front

Honorary crone Wendy Davis has launched Deeds Not Words,”a new platform for young female activists and change-makers” targeted towards engaging with young women eager to make a difference.

You have 8 more days to help the crones of Sparkler Monthly fund volume 1 of the beloved Lady Knight webcomic Knights-Errant! While the project has already met its funding goals, you have just enough time to snag a copy while helping Sparkler reach their stretch goals.

Rosy Press has been nominated for its first Eisner Award! Hopefully this is the first of many.


TOMES – Recommended Readings (& Viewings)

This 2014 history of shoujo manga gives readers an in-depth history of some of the greatest crones in comics history.

When the going gets tough, the tough cackle in the face of adversity.  Jean Shinoda Bolen’s Crones Don’t Whine: Concentrated Wisdom for Juicy Women can teach you to do just that.

If you’re looking for #cronespiration, the Advanced Style blog (and fantastic documentary) will demonstrate how to keep your style fresh and fascinating throughout your entire lifetime. Also, the documentary will make you cry so fair warning here.

If you are reading this, you have almost certainly spent at least some of your youth pouring through The Mists of Avalon. Buckle in for some uncomfortable memories, POMEs, because this classic article from The Hairpin will bring you right back to confronting your burgeoning sexuality through the facade of high fantasy genre fiction magicks.


SPELLS – Practical Magicks

Maranda Elizabeth explains how to overcome pain and trauma through magic.

Autostraddle’s Witch Hunt: Welcome to the Coven is a great crash course through the best of the witchy internet.

balderdash! is a lovely webcomic by Comics Crone/friend-of-POME Victoria Elliott. It can teach you how to bake without magic, how to enrich your life with friendships, and how to meditate with a witchstone.

Boss Crone Rachel Weiss’ Ukulele Spells comics series here on POME can show you how to both cast spells and play the ukulele.


HATS & BOOTS – Enchanting Fashion

Jenny Gacy’s new “Sigils” shirt series is the perfect casual tee for a day of hexes and curses.

We may have already plugged this shirt earlier in the year, but Caitlin Zellers’ We Are the Granddaughters tee can help you strike fear into the hearts of all of your enemies (and look good doing it).

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