Fictional Friendship Galentine’s Day Cards

Galentine's Day cards based on some of our favorite fictional friendships

February 13, 2019 at 9:00 am

Start decorating your shoebox, because we’ve whipped up a heap of Galentine’s Day cards you can use to celebrate your real life pals on this special day. We combined our favorite fictional non-romantic female friendships with all the lessons we learned while barreling through Branded Children’s Valentine Card Hell in years past. Share these cards with your buddies over the breakfast food of your choice for an optimal Galentine’s Day experience.

Shut up and listen: you're great, Galentine!
Stay GOLDEN, Galentine!

And if you’d like to check out even more Galentine’s festivities, head on over to our Patreon for bonus Galentine’s Day cards that were too meta or just not even remotely platonic. Happy Galentine’s & Palentine’s Day to you and yours, POMEs!

Carolynn Calabrese

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Jenny Mott

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