George Eliot Bingo

A Triple Decker Literary Bingo

April 27, 2018 at 9:00 am

Like many George Eliot protagonists, I recently experienced a change in fortune that prompted me to tighten my budget and more closely monitor my consumption of milk, eggs, and finely embroidered linens. Unlike many George Eliot protagonists, the first thing I did to economize was to cancel my Audible subscription. Thankfully, my local library provided for me in my hour of need — because as it turns out, one can fill several hundred wasteful hours mainlining through triple-decker Victorian novels in audiobook form.

If you recently spurned a fortune on moral principle or burned through your annuity drifting across The Continent with a troupe of hot painters, fear not! This handy George Eliot bingo will warm your soul until some spirit of generosity delivers you from hardship.



Or, download the PDF for a classical Literary Bingo experience.


Note: Yes, Eliot fans, the featured image for this post is a Daniel Deronda Deep Cut; you’re Welcome & god bless.

Carolynn Calabrese

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Rachel Weiss

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