Is It A Good Haircut, Based on How People React To It

Do people like your haircut, or are they just being politely vague about it to spare your feelings? This guide will help you decipher their seemingly??? innocuous????? comments about your new Look.



Reaction: “Where did you get that haircut????”

What It Means:

  • A very good haircut.
  • This haircut has elevated you in the eyes of all beholders.
  • Capitalize on your moment; make all those life-changing decisions you’ve been sitting on. It’s your Time. Quit your job and marry everyone you know.


Reaction: “Whoa! Your hair looks great!!!!”

via Luna the Fashion Kitty.

What It Means:

  • A haircut that is at the very least decent.
  • Welcome to a very slightly better version of you.
  • Take a picture of this haircut. You’ll spend the next 20 years trying to recreate it.


Reaction: “Did you do something different with your hair?”

What It Means:

  • An inoffensive, but not particularly striking haircut.
  • This is what will happen every time you try to relive the magic of the haircut above.
  • This is the haircut everyone pictures you with when they remember you exist.


Reaction: “I see you got a haircut.”

What It Means:

  • Mediocre-to-slightly bad haircut.
  • Not too difficult to grow out.
  • Tbh just spend more money next time.


Reaction: None at all.

What It Means:

  • Bad haircut.
  • It’s time to Get Really Into Hats.
  • OR pretend you did this on purpose; start a trend!
  • Failing that, stay inside.




Reaction: “That looks…young.”

What It Means:

  • Your boss thinks you did a bad job dyeing your hair blue.
  • You will never get a job interview with this look.


Reaction: “So, what’s up with that??” [gestures to your head]

What It Means: Get away from this pickup artist.


Reaction: “Men don’t like [whatever you did to your hair].”

What It Means: This person has never had an opinion that mattered, about anything.


Reaction: “Well, it looks low maintenance, at least.”

What It Means: High femme friend trying not to criticize you.


Reaction: “You have so much confidence.”

What It Means: You have made a terrible mistake on your head.


Reaction: “You know, I can hook you up with this great stylist…”

What It Means: A rich person feels sorry for you.


Reaction: “Why did you do this????? It looks so much better long/in your natural color.”

What It Means: Your mom is disappointed in you about other things but isn’t ready to pick at them just yet.


Reaction: “Did you do this yourself?”

What It Means:

  • Who even knows?????
  • Good luck!!
CC Calanthe

CC Calanthe

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