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Beauty Tips with Greer

Master Skin Care Mermaid Greer is back with all the Foundation tips you need

Take care of that beautiful mug of yours, no matter your skin type or how much coverage you need! Read more.

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How To Be The Boss Of Your Skin Care

Master Skin Care Mermaid Greer shows us her boss-ass face routine!

Ready to be the boss of your skin? I do the following routine both morning and night, but any extra love you give yourself will pay off! Read more.


CroneCrate Unboxing: October 2016

We’re so #hexed to receive the October installment of our monthly honorary CroneCrate subscription! Join us for a spooky #unboxing to scope out this CroneCrate under the light of a waning supermoon. Read more.

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How To Remove Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner or Die Trying

A Lazy Doofus Beauty Guide

Are you looking for the perfect beauty tool to tell the world “I want to look super cute for six hours and then spend the rest of the week looking like the ghost of a seasick raccoon?” Well look no further, because waterproof liquid eyeliner is here for you. Liquid eyeliner can help you achieve that fierce Bad Bitch Sailor Moon Villain aesthetic you’ve always dreamed of -- until you decide to take it off because as it turns out, that waterproof, semi-permanent face goop isn’t going anywhere. But no worries: I’m here to help you master a technique to get all that junk off your face (or at least upwards of 40% of it). Read more.


CroneCrate Unboxing: September 2016

CroneCrate: You'll Always Bewitch

Guys: as the internet's premier crone headquarters, POMEmag was honored to receive a free subscription to CroneCrate: the only crone-centric subscription box that brings hexes and enchantments right to your mailbox / that hollow inside of a dead tree where all your letters turn up. We're SO excited to share this benevolent gift with y'all so here's our #unboxing blog about all the treasures packed into our very special September CroneCrate. Read more.

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