Love Letter Week

Dear POMEs,

Valentine’s Day, our most culturally-prescient romantic holiday, lays smack-dab in the middle of February. To continue  this month’s romantic spirit long past February 14th, POMEmag presents a week of love letters to the objects of our affection — literally, the non-human nouns in our lives that mean the most to us.

We are celebrating all the little things we love that make us who we are. We grow around them, and they grow into us, and it’s hard to tell who we would be without that love when it’s been in our lives long enough. As deeply as we are influenced by people, things, too, shape our identities and change us from the inside out. The songs we love, the books we re-read every year, and the passions that inspired us to take a particular class or delve into a particular career mark us for life just as surely as any romantic partner can. We were one person, and then something happened to us and sparked something new inside of us, and from that point forward we were someone else forever.

Besides:  what could be more fun than getting a bunch of cool people to tell you about Their Thing? So this week, POMEmag writers and artists are giving you an intimate look at the things they love the most during a very special Love Letter themed week.

Love always,



~Your Valentines~











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