POMEmag Presents: The Beach Episode

Grab the sunscreen because POMEmag's hitting the beach for a summer solstice theme week

June 20, 2016 at 1:32 pm

The heat index is in the triple digits, your favorite shaved ice stand has a mile-long line, and even your dog won’t leave the air-conditioned house without a bribe. If you need relief from the heat and the boredom of early summer, stay tuned: your adventure-seeking POMEs are inviting you to join them beside the seaside all week for a Very Special BEACH EPISODE!

Whether you’re a lifelong worshipper of the ocean or a land-lubbing first-timer, we’re extending you an extremely warm welcome. Today’s off to a light and breezy start, but by week’s end we’ll have a heaping helping of feels to toss into the midsummer night’s bonfire. Just bring your favorite sunnies and a towel – we’ve got everything else covered.

Beach Party Potluck Guests

POME Staff | Giant shady umbrella

Jessika Rieck | Brightly-colored floaties
Sylvia Carrus | Stack of comics magazines

Brittany Martinez | Gallons of bug repellent
David Gimnich and Vincent Powell | Boombox & tunes

Carolynn Calabrese | Sweet and salty snacks
Alicia Kania | Snorkeling gear

Ashley Gallagher and David Tarafa | Big witchy bonfire
Rachel Weiss | Fishin’ poles
Connor Shea | Cold, fresh water


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