Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!! – SPECIAL 01 – Codename Sailor VGE

Comics artist Victoria Elliott joins CC for a very special Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!!

September 24, 2015 at 11:54 am

In this very special POMEmag Origins Week episode, comics artist Victoria Elliott (of Balderdash!) joins CC to talk about the Sailor Moon prequel manga “Codename Sailor V”. If you are a big shoujo manga fan, this episode is for you! CC and Victoria chat about all things shoujo, from classic stories to paneling and visual motifs. Also in this episode: badass disguises, babes, Too Much Leslie Knope, lady friendships, the unsinkable Minako/Rei ship, and lots of cackling. Go check out Balderdash! and follow Victoria on Twitter @fridayafternoon.


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Victoria Grace Elliott

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