POMEmag Spell Book Week: Foreword & Table of Contents

Greetings & Salutations, POMEs,

We’re proud to present a week of spells, charms, and even a few hexes to light your way as October draws to a close.We consulted the stars and divined this reference for all your most pressing spellcasting needs. This week, we’re guiding you through self-care enchantments, hangover balms, friendship necromancy, and more as we post pages from our auspicious magick tome. If you find yourself thoroughly bewitched by this week’s spells, we’re excited to tell you that we have bound them into “Charismatic Witchcraft Volume One” — a handy volume over in the POMEmag Shop(pe).

Blessed Be,

The Crones That Be


Authorial Crones:



POMEmag — Spellbook Week: Foreword

Jenny Gacy — A Quick Lesson in Sigilcraft

Gillian Rhodes — A Palm Reading Guide



POMEmag — Sacrificial Snack II: The Snackening: Resurrection

Kara Ramer — A Spell for Protection of House Plants

Wai — A Summoning Spell for Feline Friends



Connor Shea — HOW TO: Craft a Sensible Spending Charm

Scrain — Hangover Remedies for Wild Witches

David Gimnich & Vincent Powell — Sidekicked



Rachel Weiss and Carolynn Calabrese — Friendship Necromancy

Caitlin Zellers — Simple Sigils for Every Day

Emery Coolcats — The Museum of Natural Mystery Episode 4: Room on the Broom



Jenny Mott — Lavender’s Self-Care Bath

Ashley Gallagher and David Tarafa — Begin Again: A Spell for Acceptance and Letting Go


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