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Summoning the Mother of Cats

When the moon is full and your heart is heavy, the time is right to summon the Mother of Cats. Read more.

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Buttercup’s How To: Dry and Preserve Herbs

Garden magic to preserve herbs for all your soothing herbs, balms, and poultices

Drying out your herbs after harvesting is a great way to preserve the plants for future use. Plus, drawing the water out leaves your herbs way more condensed and potent. Read more.

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The Confidence Spell

A spell to help your inner confidence shine on the outside, too

Rather than lying in bed, wondering how you ever tricked anyone into loving you, why don't you try out The Confidence Potion? Read more.

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A Spell for Calming Anxiety

Simple magical ways to find a little inner peace

"May the fire cleanse me of this crappiness and bring me only happiness" Read more.

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A Spell for Finding Things That Are Lost

When you've looked everywhere and can't find it, give this spell a try! Read more.

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POMEmag Spellbook Week 2017: Foreword & Table of Contents

Sensible Witchcraft: A POMEmag Spellbook Tome

This week, we're guiding you through protective wards to shield you from creeps, spells to find things that are lost, charms to guide you in your darkest hour, and more as we post pages from Sensible Witchcraft: our auspicious magick tome. Read more.

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Double Feature: Bell Book and Candle and The Love Witch

Witchcraft, Old and New (AKA Internalized Misogyny and Loss of the Self)

Maybe the violent shared experience of womanhood hasn’t changed that much, but the narrative commentary certainly has! Read more.


13 Hexes For Friday The 13th

Curses that also just seem like bad luck

It’s Friday the 13th, in October no less — the rare day when normies and mortals decide to believe in superstition. Truly it is the perfect smokescreen to make good on any grudges you’ve been holding onto all year. Read more.


A Practical Guide to Bewitching Baseball

Two great October flavors that taste great together.

Few sports are as uncertain as baseball, so with the postseason fast approaching, I naturally asked my wife to consult her most familiar tarot deck to see what a single card reading would say about the October outcome of her hometown favorite team, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Read more.

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Can YOU Scare the Kids Off Your Lawn??

Crones these days get no respect

Will your cackle be enough to combat this boldness from the youths?? Read more.

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