Space Week 2: Blasting Off

Take a seat, strap yourself in, and say goodbye to the earth below you, because this week, the intrepid USS POME is travelling back through Terran space to take us deep into space, the final frontier during Space Week 2. As we speed through the galaxy (and through others that are far, far away), we’re going to take a few stops along the way to enjoy articles, comics, and reviews of all your favorite sci fi themes and series. We get it — we know you feel this [excitement]. After blasting off with us, we know that by the end of this week, you won’t want to go.


Curious about our first cycle of travelling among the stars? Check out last year’s Space Week lineup here.


Your Star Map

We’ve charted out the places we’re taking you this week. Don’t worry — your star map will update as we get closer to our destinations.



Galactic Snack — with the POMEmag Editorial Navigators

Out There #1 — with Commodore Connor Shea



Space Birds — with Chief Expedition Officer Silvia Carrus

Out There #2 — with Commodore Connor Shea

The Lifespring Dodecagy: A Jupiter Ascending Fan Novel Series — with Legate Jenny Mott

The Mothership — with Grand Moff Gillian Rhodes



The Astronaut’s Guide to Space Navigation: Finding Common Ground — with Lt. Commander Yasmine Pirouz

Out There #3 — with Commodore Connor Shea

Sidekicked Issue #94 – Teenage Science Ninja Turtles — with Petty Officers David and Vincent

You Know I Feel This: Mass Effect Andromeda Hopes and Dreams — with Fleet Admiral CC



Oh, Stars! Read the Wayfarers Series if you Love Yourself (and Great Sci-Fi) with Gunnery Chief Alicia Kania

Out There #4 — Commodore with Connor Shea

I Watched the Star Wars Prequels So You Don’t Have To — with  Fleet Admiral Ashley Gallagher

A Lone Traveler from Earth — with Navigator Ashley Franklin



Planets Just Like Us — with Ensign Andi Caprotti

Out There #5 — with Commodore Connor Shea

7 Reasons Why General Leia Organa is the Hero We Need (and Deserve) Right Now — with Chief Engineer Alejandra Martinez

Omega 4 Replay #12 — with High Jedi General Rachel and Commander CC

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