#sci fi

Author Interview: Becky Chambers on “Record of a Spaceborn Few”

The sci-fi author discusses her newest title, imagining "a galactic future for the 99%," and why solarpunk rules

Is There a Sci-Fi Seminary: Exploring Fantasy Religion

Three Insights From Three Fictional Religions

Oh, Stars! Read the Wayfarers Series if You Love Yourself (and Great Sci-fi)

Becky Chambers's books are the feel-good space adventures you need right now

Space Week 2: Blasting Off

A week of outer space-themed articles and comics

With Simple Changes, “Passengers” Could Have Succeeded as a Romance

The film's alarming premise spoils what could have been a great movie concept, but it didn't (or shouldn't) have to be this way.

Space Week: Blasting Off

An out-of-this-world themed week [groans punishable by airlock jettison]

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