Space Week: The Voyage Home

With the earth in sight and its long journey drawing to a close, the USS POME prepares to land. Our intergalactic adventure might be ending, but our Space Week memories will last a lifetime. Let’s take a look at last week’s transmissions as we think back to our week spent among the stars.




Space Week Log Entries



We blasted off with the USS POME Mini-Zine and explored a bustling space station with strange and mysterious new friends.



We started a new life on the moon with Edgar in his comic, “Our Blue Marble is Broken.”

We had fun with theoretical physics in Brittney’s review of Michio Kaku’s Einstein’s Cosmos.

We chowed down on the tastiest links, videos, and longreads in the galaxy with some Astronaut Food.



We tuned in to the Sidekicked podcast’s broadcast to all creatures in Green Lantern Sector 2814.

Brittney assembled a killer list of stargazing playlists for our intergalactic roadtrip.

We helplessly watched the cute invaders take over our world with Silvia’s comic, “Alien Invaders“.



We experienced Channing Tatum’s celestial body in Jenny’s Jupiter Ascending / Magic Mike XXL double feature.

We checked out / coveted lovely space jewelry with Alicia.

We survived a weekend-long Star Trek Netflix binge thanks to Brittney’s and Caitlin’s illustrated survival guide.



We devoted one day of our journey to exploring a galaxy far, far away on Star Wars day.

We stopped to refuel on links and articles by grabbing an Afternoon Snack at the Mos Eisley Cantina.

Ashley taught us to check our bi-fi in her list of Star Wars EU characters, ranked in order of potential bisexuality.

Alicia weighed the most baffling and most valid criticism in The Force Awakens.



Keep on looking up, POMEs — the USS POME will still be out there, and it’ll be coming back for us next year. Thanks to all of the artists, writers, and editors on our USS POME maintenance crew who kept us flying last week, and to all of you readers for joining us on this journey. See you, Space Cowboys …

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