Lessons from the Road (and Magic Mike XXL)

Because who's better equipped to dole out life lessons than beefy male entertainers?

The Eternal Appeal of The Princess Bride

From childhood to adulthood, this movie has been a classic for generations, but what makes it work after all these years?

The Shape of Water — A Beauty & the Beast Romance

A tale as old as time gets a refreshing retelling.

What We Need From a Remake of The Craft

If the 1996 cult classic gets reworked anytime soon, there are a few worthwhile updates we should consider.

“Below Her Mouth” Doesn’t Go Anywhere Else

Girl meets girl, sparks fly, but the story fizzles

Bowie: Our Space Oddity

Remembering David Bowie

Masquerade! Paper faces on parade!

Masked characters for your cosplay inspiration

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