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Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!! – 39 – The Most Shoujo Apocalypse

The Outer Senshi's new mission: Destroying the nuclear family

CC and Ashley feel all the feels as they cover episode 39 of Sailor Moon Crystal: "Infinity 12, Infinite–Journey" -- the final episode of Sailor Moon Crystal (thus far). Read more.

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Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!! – 33 – Three Sailor Guardians and a Baby

CC and Ashley take on Sailor Moon Crystal episode 33: Infinity 6 Three Guardians. In this episode: CC and Ashley continue their noble work of being the Queerness / Queer Subtext Sports Commentators of Sailor Moon Crystal. Also in this episode: Hotaru's increasingly sad life, Kenji's side gig as the founder of Anime Science TMZ, and what happens when you combined body horror with slide whistles. Also: thanks for joining us at International Sailor Moon Day Austin and welcome, new listeners! Read more.

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Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!! – 30 – The Inside Spoop

Hotaru’s spoopy journal KEEP OUT that means YOU Kaorinite

CC and Ashley cringe through Haruka's pickup artistry and swoon over her jaunty scarves as they cover episode 30 of Sailor Moon Crystal: "Infinity 3 Two New Soldiers." In this episode: Hotaru's Teen Goth-ing, Minako's noble pursuit of not-so-secretly evil celebrity crushes, and Michiru's misand-witch quest to destroy heterosexuality, one couple at a time. Read more.


Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!! – 28 – Crisis on Infinity Crystals

Death and Reproduction and Sailor Moon Crystal

CC and Ashley are joined by special guests Walter Cronkite, Hotaru, and Lorelei the Dog as they cover episode 28 of Sailor Moon Crystal: "Infinity 1 Premonition - Part 2." In this episode: terrifying, steely-gazed women, power clashing, and definitely nothing about death or reproduction. Our futures are so bright, we have to wear dogs on our faces. Sorry, dogs. Read more.

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