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International Sailor Moon Day Austin 2016

The "Sailor Moon R" of mingling with like-minded friends and strangers!

POMEgranate Magazine is proud to announce that we are once again hosting International Sailor Moon Day Austin! If you're interested in checking out a fun day of fun, friendship, and free stuff to do on a Saturday afternoon, come on out to the Highball on August 6th for all of those things and more. What else do we have planned for you? Keep on reading for a sneak peak of what we're cooking up. Read more.

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Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!! – 29 – The Calvinist Witches 5

CC and Ashley take on Sailor Moon Crystal episode 29 - "Infinity 2 Ripples." In this episode: Hotaru: Number One Baby Goth of 2016, Haruka's deep cuts against the gender binary, an excellent birthday party, and Ominous Portents in syndication. Plus: where can we get some of those dreamy floral Lola Ashley mugs? Inquiring podcast hosts want to know. Read more.


Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!! – 28 – Crisis on Infinity Crystals

Death and Reproduction and Sailor Moon Crystal

CC and Ashley are joined by special guests Walter Cronkite, Hotaru, and Lorelei the Dog as they cover episode 28 of Sailor Moon Crystal: "Infinity 1 Premonition - Part 2." In this episode: terrifying, steely-gazed women, power clashing, and definitely nothing about death or reproduction. Our futures are so bright, we have to wear dogs on our faces. Sorry, dogs. Read more.

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Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!! – 27 – You Don’t Have to Be Ashamed of Sailor Moon Crystal Anymore

Welcome to Season 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal: The 90s Shoujo Anime of our Youths

ATTENTION FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS: SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL IS REALLY, REALLY GOOD NOW! Moon Podcast Power is back with a recap of the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3: "Infinity 1 Premonition - Part 1." In this episode: the dreams of our queer 90s anime youths fulfilled, Pharaoh 90 as a Donald Trump allusion, Minako/Rei shipwatch 2016, and breakfast, the most hardcore meal of the day. Stay tuned as we journey into this beautiful new era for Sailor Moon Crystal. Read more.

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Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!! – 26 – The Rabbit Returns

Hey, somebody looks weird this episode -- oh, it's Mars. It's always Mars.

We did it! Your hosts have finally reached the end of season 1 of Sailor Moon Crystal. CC and Ashley cover episode 26, "Replay –Never Ending–" and get misty-eyed over this episode's gravitational pull of feels. Your hosts wrap up the season the way they started it -- with Parks and Rec fancasting and Moon Kingdom/Crystal Tokyo political debates. In this week's episode: mid-aughts WB levels of mother-daughter bonding feels, hating on time-paradoxes, and even more trophy husband-ing by Mamo. This is not the end, sailor guardians -- we have plenty of ideas in store for you while we wait out the imminent release of season 2. Happy New Year! Read more.

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Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!! – 25 – The Little Death Miasma That Could

Shine on you crazy Demande

CC and Ashley brace for the end of the season as they discuss episode 25 of Sailor Moon Crystal: "Showdown –Death Phantom–". In this episode: Sailor Pluto's continuing unsafe workplace woes, Sailor Chibimoon transforms, and our favorite metaphorical-fedora-guy dies the way he lives: as a silver-haired anime. Also in this episode: When you live forever, do you forget who you are? Like Jessica Jones' Kilgrave, is "Death Phantom" just basically another way to say "murder corpse?" Is Sailor Pluto the Meechum of some weird Crystal Tokyo/House of Cards situation? Happy holidays from Moon Podcast Power! Read more.

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Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!! – 24 – With Great Power Comes No Responsibility

"That's the wrong[est] way to love!" - Usagi (and MPP)

Animator and musician Laura joins CC and Ashley to talk about Episode 24 of Sailor Moon Crystal: "Attack –Black Lady–." We delve a little bit more into the secret dystopia that is Crystal Tokyo -- is there some form of OSHA that Sailor Pluto can get in touch with? Is Neo Queen Serenity a union buster? Is the royal family in desperate need of some family counseling? (Spoiler alert for that last one: Yes. Yes, they are.) Also in this episode: even more Jupiter Ascending tie-ins, The Bishounen Beauty Myth, and occlumency for Mamoru. Don't forget to give the gift of slow-and-painful-demise-inducing yaoi hands this holiday season! Read more.

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Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!! – 23 – Surrounded by Unfriendly Hotties

Sometimes space-time voids don't care about promises

We're getting closer and closer to the end of the first season of Sailor Moon Crystal! Ashley and CC cover episode 23, "Covert Maneuvers –Wiseman–". In this episode: Does PARO the robotic seal + a Furby = Luna-P? Is the Malefic Black Crystal a metaphor for capitalism? Is King Endymion the last male survivor of the Crystal Tokyo misandropocalypse? Also in this episode: the Mamoru / Usagi / Black Lady plotline and a whole heaping helping of NOPE. Read more.

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Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!! – 22 – We Built This City (On A Pile of Zombies)

Featuring the Crystal Tokyo existentialist classic, "Motoki and Umino are Dead"

Crystal Tokyo: The absolute worst? Your hosts discuss as they cover episode 22 of Sailor Moon Crystal - "Hidden Agenda –Nemesis–." In this episode: anti-creep electrocution jewelry, hypothetical books full of secret candy, and dramatic reenactments of Dragon Ball Z yelling. Also, piles of useless zombies. Piles and piles of useless zombies. Read more.

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Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!! – 21 – Can Immortal Bishounen Really Have It All?

On the origins of pastel goth

CC and Ashley have a few complications of their own as they cover episode 21 of Sailor Moon Crystal - "Complication –Nemesis–." In this episode, your hosts put on their critical thinking hats as they mull over Planet Nemesis, AKA the Space Libertarian Utopia of the Future. Other topics this week: Wiseman, the conservative; the ethics of cloning; the significance of Nice Butts; and the ineffectiveness of taking out your crush's child as a method of flirtation. Get it together, Demande! Read more.