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Small Press Comics Reviews Peow Studio v.2

Dust Pam, Stages of Rot, and Rule Break

If you love really good-looking comics then good-look no further. Read more.


Small Press Comics Reviews TCAF 2017

Whoa. I cannot stress enough how impressively, overwhelmingly large the 2017 Toronto Comic Arts Festival felt. There was so much good stuff there that even nibbling at the edges was worthwhile! Anyway, here are a few of the things I picked up over the weekend. Read more.


Small Press Reviews April 2017

Castle Quest, The Worst, and Dunce Number One

Read more.


Small Press Comics Review: RAV 2nd Collection

Movement, narrative, and readability in Mickey Z's RAV

Should comics be easy to read? Read more.


Small Press Comics Reviews February 2017

Bad Times, Good Comics

It’s a shame that while comics seem to just get better and better, everything else in America seems poised to get worse. Oh, well. Here are some comics I enjoyed over the past month. Read more.


Small Press Comics Review January 2017

The Frailty of Human Life in Laid Waste and No Visitors

This month, I’m welcoming in the new year with two reviews of comics about death and disease. Read more.


Small Press Comics Reviews December 2016 Edition

This past November, I was lucky enough to table at two small press festivals in just one week, thus leaving the rest of my month free to wish I was attending more small press festivals. While that didn’t happen, I did buy and barter for enough minicomics and zines to last me the rest of the winter. And now, I'd like to share some of my favorites with you. Read more.

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Small Press Comics Reviews: PEOW! Edition

Just recently, I finished reading a few titles by PEOW! Studio, a three-man print shop and art collective based in Stockholm, Sweden dedicated to printing books for some of today’s best young cartoonists. International shipping rates can be pretty expensive, so I imagine some of y’all are already starting to balk at the thought of paying them. “We have comics here” you tell me, “why pay an arm and a leg to haul more over from Sweden?”. Well, firstly because their books are very, very good. But secondly, because it appears that I and any fellow Americans are in luck, and that for a few of their newer releases they’ve lowered the price for US shipping to match their in-country rate. We should be flattered. Read more.


Small Press Comics Reviews July 2016

Today I'm playing catch-up with some zines from the last few months which I didn't have the time to write about before. Thank you, zines, for your patience. Read more.

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Small Press Review: Future Shock Zero

Latest issue in sci-fi anthology series boasts array of inventive cartoonists

Much like fish and wildebeest, indie cartoonists often travel in spontaneously-formed groups that help ensure their mutual survival. These groups are called “anthologies”. Anthologies have some major advantages over a solo cartoonists: they appeal to a potentially-broader audience, they lighten the burden on individual creators, and they impart a sense of camaraderie to what can sometimes be a very lonesome practice. Anthologies also have some real advantages for you, the reader: with their easy-to-digest format of short stories, they can introduce you a multiplicity of perspectives and an array of fresh talent. In this vein, let me heartily recommend Future Shock Zero as one of 2015’s best indie anthologies and a great sampling of the contemporary scene. Read more.

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