POME is innocent! It was POME's identical twin the entire time!

July 20, 2015 at 2:00 pm

Nice work, gumshoes. You unveiled all the mysteries of POMEmag’s True Crime Week. Just in case you missed anything, here’s a dossier to of last week’s lineup.




Looking for some thrilling tales to take over your workweek? Emery Coolcats’ 7 Great Crime Podcasts for Armchair Detectives lists out the best capers and mysteries this side of Serial.

Caitlin shows you the aftermath of a crime investigation Netflix binge in her comic They Never Caught Her Killer – But Damn She Was Cute.

Read up on some real true crime (and true stories of fake true crime) in this week’s Hard-Boiled Snack link roundup.

Vincent and Emery beg the question, “Is Gotham actually better off without Batman?” in this week’s Sidekicked Issue #11 – Batman: Gotham’s Greatest Villain.

Rachel takes you into a muddled world of crime and CRT monitors in her comics essay review of the game Her Story.

CC laments TV’s love affair with sexy dead ladies in Ground to a Pulp: Sexualizing Women in Media Crime Narratives.

Gabe’s immersive–and we really do mean immersive–review of Payday 2 takes you behind the (crime) scenes. Check out episode 1 of POME’s newest podcast, Gib Gab with Gabe – 01 – It’s Fun To Do Bad Things.

Brittney brings you a tale that blends fake true crime and true true crime in her review of the crime mystery Within These Walls.



We hope that you all enjoyed plunging into fictional and nonfictional seedy underbellies with us this week! Join us next month for Themed Week #2: Origin Stories.


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