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POMEs, another week is upon us, filled with things to both amaze and dismay. Take a look as we serve up the most important things we saw this week, from Pantone’s colors of the year to Wendy Davis’ call to not give up the good fight.

The crowdfunding opportunity of a lifetime, please donate to this project because Royce and Marilyn were two of the most amazing people to walk the earth and I desperately want to learn even more about their lives. To convince you of this, here are Royce and Marilyn:

We are a house divided at POMEmag. While we both desperately love Star Wars and Star Trek, when it’s time to choose sides we find ourselves on opposing teams. And now Neil deGrasse Tyson has officially chosen as well when it comes to the Enterprise vs. the Millennium Falcon. One POME crone is pretty satisfied with this, one POME crone less so.

BRB, continuing to sink into the mire of catladydom.

Photojournalist Teresa Mathew wrote this thoughtful and considerate piece on the Toast about the rights and obligations a photojournalist has to capture and tell a story versus the rights of the group being covered to a safe and protected space, specifically around the media furor at Mizzou.

So many women are discounted and ignored in their later years (hello to this brilliant skit from Inside Amy Schumer), but these badass female artists in their 70s, 80s, and 90s are finally getting their due.

Bless the holiday season, bless the humans that put holiday costumes on their pets, and bless the pets that only barely tolerate it.

Wendy Davis: “I Fucking Hate To Lose”. I know we don’t really do reaction gifs much but

we could have had it all

Some really great investigative journalism from Buzzfeed about the ways in which companies scam the guest worker program.

Pantone’s extra-shoujo colors of the year are giving me a good feeling about 2016.

And that’s where we’re at this week. Did you see anything else we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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