Leftovers: POMEsgiving Dinner Wrapup

Thank you for joining us for our POMEsgiving feast! Remember all of those delicious recipe comics our guests brought to the table last week? We’ve rounded them all up for your (re)viewing pleasure (and so that you can replicate them all in your kitchen at home). We pulled everything out of the fridge and the table is set, and all we’re waiting on is you. Take a seat and hand that plate over this way, because we’re serving up some POMEsgiving leftovers.




Let’s turn on music to set the mood with POME’s all-star roadtrip jam playlist.

The Sidekicked dudes start the dinner conversation off right by talking (and arguing) about what they are thankful for this year. #thankfulforPOME



Tuesday, 11/24: Appetizers



Gravalax, by Wai





Jalapeño Poppers, by Connor Shea




Spinach Balls, by Caitlin Zellers



Wednesday, 11/25: Sides



Baked Corn, by Jenny Mott





Herb Spätzle, by Kara Ramer





Sweet Potato Classic, by Claudine Lucena





Rosemary Roasted Roots, by Victoria Grace Elliott



Thursday, 11/26: Entrées



Thanksgiving Pizza, by Ryoko Minowa

turkey_featuredApple Sage Turkey, by Rachel Weiss and Carolynn Calabrese



Friday, 11/27: Desserts



Apple Pie, by Gillian Rhodes




Sugar Cookies, by Kachi


Pumpkin Pie Tartlets, by Laura


Pumpkin Pie, by Gabe


Dusty Owl Cookies, by Jenny Gacy


Watergate Salad, by Jason Poland

Thanks again to all of our wonderful cooks and you, our wonderful guests! We’re glad we could have you over. Same time next year?

Have you attempted any of last week’s recipes? How did it go? Let us know in the comments!

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