POMEmag Spellbook Week 2017: Foreword & Table of Contents

We’re proud to present a Spellbook Week 2017: a week of spells, charms, and even a few hexes to light your way as October draws to a close. We consulted the stars and divined this reference for all your most pressing spellcasting needs. This week, we’re guiding you through protective wards to shield you from creeps, spells to find things that are lost, charms to guide you in your darkest hour, and more as we post pages from our auspicious magick tome. If you find yourself thoroughly bewitched by this week’s spells, we’re excited to tell you that we have bound them into “Sensible Witchcraft” — a handy volume that will be over in the POMEmag Shop(pe) in the coming days.



Authorial Crones:



POMEmag — Spellbook Week 2017: Foreword & Table of Contents

Rachel Weiss and Carolynn Calabrese — How to Forge & Enchant a Creep-Proof Disguise Amulet

Ashley Franklin — A Ritual For Summoning Your Muse



POMEmag — Sacrificial Snack III: Night of the Snacking Dead: Reckoning

Kara Ramer — A Spell for Finding Things That Are Lost

Gillian Rhodes — A Spell for Calming Anxiety



Riverdale Roundtable 2 — POMEmag Editorial Crones

Paloma Hernando — The Confidence Spell

Wai — Spiders



Jenny Gacy — Tips for the Deskbound Witch

Jenny Mott — Buttercup’s How To: Dry & Preserve Herbs



Ashley Gallagher and Rachel Weiss — Small Wonder: A Spell to Summon Your Inner Child

Caitlin Zellers — Summoning the Mother of Cats


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