#Spellbook Week 2017

Small Wonder

A Spell to Summon Your Inner Child

Buttercup’s How To: Dry and Preserve Herbs

Garden magic to preserve herbs for all your soothing herbs, balms, and poultices

Tips for the Deskbound Witch

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Workspace More Magical


A spell for getting rid of spiders, one way or another

The Confidence Spell

A spell to help your inner confidence shine on the outside, too

A Spell for Calming Anxiety

Simple magical ways to find a little inner peace

How to Forge & Enchant a Creep-Proof Disguise Amulet

A Talisman For Avoiding Terrible Social Interactions

POMEmag Spellbook Week 2017: Foreword & Table of Contents

Sensible Witchcraft: A POMEmag Spellbook Tome

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