Grease, but Gay

I'm ready to take Grease to the next step — headcanoning everybody to be gay and imagining who they would kiss!!!!! Read more.


Star Wars Expanded Universe Characters, Ranked

In Order of How Certain I Am That They Are Bisexual

The Star Wars Expanded Universe was my whole life growing up: my childhood enemy called me "Star Wars Girl" from second grade to high school because I was almost never spotted without a Star Wars EU book in my hand. I even unsuccessfully tried to convince people to call me "Leia" in sixth grade when I moved to a different neighborhood and didn't know anyone at school. I'm also bisexual, and this colors my perspective on every bit of pop culture within my grasp. I’m ranking each of my favorite EU characters in order of the “bi-fi” signal strength I get from them: in other words, how strongly I suspect that they may be bisexual. Can you handle my beautiful dark twisted headcanon? Read more.