sea monsters

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The Shape of Water and the Heart of Shipping

Why the romance between a mute janitor and an amphibian man made my fangirl heart soar

Guillermo del Toro unmistakably approaches this tale with a shipper’s heart, and the result is something truly magical on more levels than I could have ever dreamed. Read more.


Museum of Natural Mystery – Small Wonder # 4: The Sea Monster of Soay

Lesser-Known Scottish Water Monster

What was the Soay Island Sea Monster? Fear and sensationalism can make monsters out of any creature, but some animals don't need help from tall tales to be terrifying in their own right. Read more.


Which Horrifying Medieval Mermaid Are You?

Happy #mermay!

This quiz will help you determine your place in the aquatic feudal pecking order. Read more.


8 Sea Monsters You’ll Date in Your 20’s

There are plenty of fish in the sea -- too bad that most of them are a little irradiated. Here are some catches you’re bound to land in your net while you’re chumming the waters (of love). Read more.

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