How to Turn that Summer Fling into an Autumn Romance

While we don’t recommend stalking your summer lover to their hometown if they’re not local (we can’t all be Sandy and Danny and live the plot of Grease), we do have some alternative go-big-or-go-home suggestions to help force that emotional bond so your summer fling can withstand the changing of the seasons. Read more.

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Blue Apron From Hell

Step-by-step instructions for preparing the cursed meal of your nightmares

Tonight’s dish is an imbrued take on an old classic: this dredged chicken invokes powerful flavors -- and powerful forces from the very depths of hell. Read more.

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Summer Snack Defense Strategies

Ant/Bro-Proof Your Poolside Snacks

Here are some ways to remain unbothered by male and insect pestilence as you eat these delicious summer snacks. Read more.

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International Sailor Moon Day Austin 2017

Announcing Austin's Third-Annual Sailor Moon Extravaganza!

POMEgranate Magazine is proud to announce that we are once again hosting International Sailor Moon Day Austin! Keep on reading for a sneak peek of what we’re cooking up. Read more.


Announcing the POMEmag Patreon

Pledge your support--and your hard-earned cash--to the Crones That Be

Do you want to support enterprising, content-creating crones? If so, we’re excited to announce that you can now pledge your support -- and your cash -- to the POMEmag Patreon. Read more.


13 Completely Necessary Mermaid Accessories for Summer

Embrace a mermaid aesthetic this year...or else

If land people everywhere don’t incorporate the maximum amount of mermaids into our summer essentials, the whole season is literally cancelled. Flip-flops and snow cones aren’t going to cut it, alright? The sea goddess Salacia is watching, and she must be appeased. Read more.

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Just Desserts Recipe 4: Vengeance on a Budget & Puppy Chow

Fuel for plotting revenge against a freeloading roommate

Vengeance on a Budget might taste like grape juice, rubbing alcohol, and old flip-flops all stuffed into a blender, but it’s a completely adequate vengeance and maybe the only one in your price point right now. Read more.


New Moon Masquerade

Our big masquerade party at The Highball

Last week, POMEmag partnered with The Audacity to throw the New Moon Masquerade: a witchy masquerade ball at The Highball here in Austin, Texas. Read more.


How To Accessorize For The Job You Want

Pairing stealthy fandom accents with your professional outfits

There’s little room in a job interview to make space for how you can type 100 WPM thanks to the 1,200 pages of heavily lauded fanfiction you have under your belt. BUT- there is one way to make this statement without having to say a word: accessories. Read more.

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13 Self-Care Tips for Boss Witches & Crones

To be your best witch, self-care needs to come first. Here are 13 self-care tips for boss witches that will have you re-energized and ready for hexing. Read more.