Twin Peeks: A Return Recap, Part 14

We are like the dreamer.

When I think of what I admire most about David Lynch’s work, I immediately think about his ability to recreate what it feels like to be in a dream. Read more.


Atomic Blonde’s One Glaring Mistake (and How a Sequel Could Fix It)

Delphine deserved better than this toxic, cliche trope.

For everything this film gets right, there is one misstep that left a bad taste in my mouth, especially because of how groundbreaking (and easy!) the opposite outcome would have been. Read more.


Twin Peeks: A Return Recap, Part 13

What story is that, Charlie?

Arm wrestling, cherry pie, a conga line — all three make an appearance in the thirteenth episode of Twin Peaks: The Return and honestly, I’m still parsing through what it all means. Read more.


21 Thoughts When Re-Watching Game of Thrones

A.K.A. Really Watching For The First Time

Cersei, a member of one of the richest families of the realm, had a wig right out of a B-list Lifetime biopic throughout seasons one through five. They couldn't afford to get her a decent lace front? Read more.

#feels, #popculture

What Does Your Favorite Sailor Moon Character Say About Your Romantic Inner Life?

Predicting Your Intimacy Issues, Based On Your Favorite Sailor Moon Character

The Sailor Moon character you identify with most might hold the key to figuring out how you interact with potential romantic partners -- even if you’re not planning on getting into a miracle romance anytime soon. Read more.


Twin Peeks: A Return Recap, Part 12

Let's rock.

Suspense is one way to describe what David Lynch and Mark Frost have been imbuing The Return with so far. Read more.


Grease, but Gay

I'm ready to take Grease to the next step — headcanoning everybody to be gay and imagining who they would kiss!!!!! Read more.


How Not To Fall In Love With A Fictional Character

A Kachi's What-Don't Summer Special

This helpful guide will steer you in the right direction when it comes to scoring a scorching summer romance with a sentient, three-dimensional, organic, multi-celled person! Read more.

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Romance Roundtable #2: Closer Encounters

Knockers and Hooch: The Untold Story

Today we’re discussing Closer Encounters by Merline Lovelace (Author) and Kazuna Uchida (Artist) — an inspirational tale about finding love and siphoning government resources to fund your sexy ghost exorcisms. Read more.


Twin Peeks: A Return Recap, Part 11

There’s fire where you are going.

Dreams have always been a vital part of Twin Peaks. Read more.