A Very Chilling Sabrina Roundtable: Season 3, Episode 1

Season 3 BAYBEE! And oh dear satan so much is happening.

We Have A Recipe For Every D&D Alignment

Because even Chaotic Evil characters need to eat.

We Could Have Had It All: Haruno Sakura

Or: unlocking Sakura's narrative potential.

2019 Crones of the Year

The top 10 fictional crones who kept us going in 2019

Can We Talk About Terminator: Dark Fate’s Awesome Women?

How Dani, Grace, and Sarah Connor make Dark Fate a unique, iconic action classic

Last Con of the Season

Seven Things that Cured My Seasonal Depression at Geek Girl Con ‘19

Neo and Trinity: A Ship Manifesto and Hopes for The Matrix 4

One of sci-fi's most memorable couples previously came to a tragic end. Now, their story will continue.

Vreni Reviews The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

A fantasy show for modern times

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