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Dear Reader, we didn’t write you a Valentine this year. We did see all these things on the internet though, and we thought of you. We think you’re pretty neat, and these things are neat, so maybe, you know, check them out? If you want?

ComicsAlliance has put together a list of 20 great black comic book characters in celebration of Black History Month, and everybody on this list is great. From superheroes to princeless heroes, we love all of these characters, and we’re ready to support and celebrate them year-round.


We hope you’ve seen the kickstarter for the amazing 1001 Knights anthology! It has all the things we are into – magical women, powerful figures, stunning visuals, fantasy outfits. And if you needed more convincing, BuzzFeed has a list of 32 illustrations to help you along.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

If you grew up reading Archie Comics like I did, then you are probably really pumped about the new direction that Archie Comics has been going in. And then Chip Zdarsky makes Jughead’s asexuality canon in his title comic and you LOSE YOU FREAKING MIND. This is so great. Good job, everyone. You can buy the issues that are out right now, or you can grab Archie Vol. 1 when it comes out March 29th, and Jughead Vol. 1 in July.


We don’t have much to add to this list of presidential candidates ranked by how useful they might be in a bar fight. It is an election year and the writer of this article is doing Hera’s work.

We LOVE reading about all the weird shit that Ayn Rand did in her lifetime, but this might take the fucking cake. When Ayn Rand found out that her married boyfriend, whom she was having an affair with, was sleeping with a third woman, she put a curse on his dick that drove him in fear across the country. From The Toast:

Ayn Rand: founder of Objectivism and also someone who cursed the penis of an adult man. Ayn Rand: she wrote Anthem and also one time with her human mouth told a fellow human that she wished his dick would break for two decades. AYN RAND DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO TAKE THE HIGH ROAD AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU. AYN RAND: EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING.

Read that article. Gird your loins.

We mentioned in another recent Afternoon Snack about the bullshit from the Angoulême International Comics Festival and it’s blanket snub of women comics creators. Well, for the edification of Angoulême and any others who seek to exclude the work of women from the history of comics, Bitch Media has curated an A to Z list of amazing graphic novels by women. Angoulême, we hope you’ve got your Google alerts on, this is for you.

What did you think, Reader? Did you see anything you saw last week that made you think of us? Let us know in the comments if you did!

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