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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Or, How to Keep that Halloween High Going

It’s finally (finally!) starting to look a little like autumn here in this Hill Country Hellscape, and what could be better for savoring that crisp fall air than brewing up a pot of cocoa and sitting inside reading comic books? Read more.

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Double Feature: Hocus Pocus & The Witches of Eastwick

Spoopy October Time (AKA The Do’s and Don’ts of Coven Dynamics)

We’re halfway to Halloween, there’s a full moon this weekend, and I’m here to talk to you about Witches. Read more.

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Double Feature: Bringing Up Baby & The Hangover

Cats one the Loose (AKA The (D)Evolution of the Screwball Comedy)

For this week’s installment of “Jenny, Y'know I Don't See How That's Going to Work But I Trust You," I present a truly delightful and inspiring piece of media, and a movie that I liked when I was sixteen because I thought liking it would make people think I was cool (it did not; I was not). Read more.

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Remembering Jane: Boss Crone and Matriarch Supreme

My grandmother was a badass. That’s probably not the most proper thing to say about your Grandmom, but it’s the absolute truth. She was a true Boss Crone, though she probably wouldn’t have been super keen on the word “crone” -- but maybe she would have come around after I explained that it means “Rad, Independent Lady that Gets Shit Done.” She was courageous and funny and fierce and poised, but most of all, she lived her life exactly the way she wanted, and let no one tell her any different. Read more.

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Double Feature: Mary Poppins & The Sound of Music

Julie Andrews Teaches Jaded Dad to Love through the Power of Song

There is technically one more month of spring, and with that in mind, I ask you to listen to the hills (hint: they’re alive with a Sound). The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and maybe it’s time for a little spring cleaning - so throw open those windows, sweep out those chimneys and sit yourself down for this, your reward. Read more.

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Double Feature: Maleficent & Brave

Mother's Day (You Should At Least Call)

Mother’s Day is THIS SUNDAY (for those of you who may have forgotten) and while there’s nothing you can do to ever pay her back for those nine months you spent inside of her and all the ensuing years you spent outside of her, you should probably still try. So, make her brunch, do the dishes, and sit down with her to enjoy this double feature. Read more.

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Double Feature: Moonstruck

The Only Time I Will Actually Recommend You Watch Nic Cage

We all know that Nic Cage is an incredibly diverse actor. His movies are varied and glorious, and there is no denying it. But for this week’s installment of “Jenny, Y’know, I Don’t See How That’s Going to Work But I Trust You,” I’m asking you to forget all of that. “But what about Vampire’s Kiss“ you might say. “What about Face/Off?” “WHAT ABOUT THE WICKER MAN???” But look back, now, to the name of this segment, and just -- trust me, okay? Read more.

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Sidekicked Issue #43 – A Love Letter to Batman: The Animated Series

Vincent and David share many loves, but their first was Batman: The Animated Series. Listen to find out how it changed their lives and set the bar for superhero cartoons. Read more.

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An Afternoon Snack Love Letter

Love is in the air here at POME! Come grab a heartfelt snack with us and take in some of the things that we're thinking about and reading about this week. Read more.

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Afternoon Snack

Dear Reader, we didn't write you a Valentine this year. We did see all these things on the internet though, and we thought of you. We think you're pretty neat, and these things are neat, so maybe, you know, check them out? If you want? Read more.