Afternoon Snack

Magical friendships, comics industry advice, and a very good thing ends

10 Things Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Taught Me About Friendship

Who knew the key to friendship could be found in furniture and bugs?

Just Desserts Recipe 6: Magical Girl Vengeance & Rock Candy Scepters

A sweet, pastel vengeance with a surprisingly powerful finish.

Introducing GROUP CHAT

Send us your comics about friends and found families

Just Desserts Recipe 4: Vengeance on a Budget & Puppy Chow

Fuel for plotting revenge against a freeloading roommate

Friendship Necromancy

How To Revive A Dead Friendship

Why Do My Friends Assume I’m Straight?

Musings of a not-totally-closeted fledgling bisexual

Reasons Why I Haven’t Caught Up On Comics and Can’t Talk to You About Them

Sorry, I forgot how to convert images into time, or is it the other way around

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