Boss Witch Milestones for Every Crone

It's springtime, aka time to celebrate the small milestones on the path to becoming Head Crone in Charge. Read more.

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How To Be The Boss Of Your Skin Care

Master Skin Care Mermaid Greer shows us her boss-ass face routine!

Ready to be the boss of your skin? I do the following routine both morning and night, but any extra love you give yourself will pay off! Read more.

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Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now: A Playlist

Every day when your alarm goes off, your eyes flutter open and a sigh escapes your lips. Read more.

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Announcing Boss Witch Week

How to Live Your Best Crone Life

Sweep away the cobwebs from your hearth & from your mind, coven -- it’s time for Boss Witch Week. Read more.

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Happy Earth Day, Fellow Earthlings!

A guest from another world prepares for this planet's pinnacle holiday

As an honorary Earthling still experiencing my first solar revolution on this planet, I want to make sure I don’t squander my chance to enjoy the pinnacle holiday on this incredible world. Read more.

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Ask Persephone: Tax Season

Invoking Adrestia: cousin of Persephone, goddess of just retribution & divine CPA

She-who-cannot-be-escaped explains tax credits, deductions, and filing schedules for every coven. Read more.

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7 Distracting Questions to Ask Your Personal Trainer

Hack your workout with these fresh, delightful quips

Everyone needs the ability to distract your personal trainer and entertain them at the same time. If they’re laughing and miscounting your lunges, everyone wins! (Sort of.) Read more.

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Just Desserts Recipe 2: Jilted Lover’s Vengeance & Death by Chocolate Tart

A tart that combines the sweetness and bitterness of both chocolate and love.

This Death by Chocolate Tart is too powerful for mortal palates but a perfect way to live your best afterlife after a long day of haunting the descendants of your faithless sweetheart. Read more.

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Oh, Stars! Read the Wayfarers Series if You Love Yourself (and Great Sci-fi)

Becky Chambers's books are the feel-good space adventures you need right now

I’m someone who often turns to fiction for escape, so I’m particularly drawn to stories that offer a joyful, immersive experience. And when those stories happen to take place literal worlds away? Sign me the hell up. Read more.


Space Week 2: Blasting Off

A week of outer space-themed articles and comics

Take a seat, strap yourself in, and say goodbye to the earth below you, because this week, the intrepid USS POME is travelling back through Terran space to take us deep into space, the final frontier. Read more.