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New Moon Masquerade

Last week, POMEmag partnered with The Audacity to throw the New Moon Masquerade: a witchy masquerade ball at The Highball here in Austin, Texas. The

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2016 Crones of the Year

Before we truly stare into the abyss of 2017, we must take a moment to remember the fictional crones that guided us through a perilous

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CroneCrate Unboxing: September 2016

Guys: as the internet’s premier crone headquarters, POMEmag was honored to receive a free subscription to CroneCrate: the only crone-centric subscription box that brings hexes and

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Afternoon Snack

Welcome to a new week and a fresh Afternoon Snack! Here we share all the best things we saw last week.     This article

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Powerful celestial forces shift and mold our everyday lives in unexpected ways. Heed these premonitions or beware the wrath of the stars. April 20 –

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